Gutfeld Stands Alone! Rest of Late-Night Features 1 Conservative Guest in Last 5 Months, Abandons Half of the Country

The shift in the political bias in late night television has been evident since President Trump announced his candidacy in 2015. The left declared Trump public enemy number one, and creativity and comedy has withered and died. Now, a new study has confirmed the death of late-night comedy. Check this out.

Late-night television has abandoned right-leaning guests. The programs have dissociated with one-half of the country.

A NewsBusters study this week scoured over the guest lists of the following programs:

ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!

NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,

CBS’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and The Late Late Show with James Corden,

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show

And it turned out that the liberal bias across the genre is more prevalent than even critics declare.

From Labor Day through Jan. 31, the above six late-night programs featured 93 liberal guests to just 1 conservative guest.

The legacy left behind by the likes of David Letterman, Johnny Carso, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Arsenio Hall, Ed Sullivan and other trailblazers of the industry is all but dead, murdered by woke hosts, lame writing, and predictable political barbs aimed at half of the country. It would seem to make no sense to alienate half of the viewers for a format that was already in trouble, but here we are.

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell was the sole conservative to make the cut. Lindell recently appeared with Kimmel in a claw machine while the host derided him for his commentary on the 2020 election.

Not once since at least September has a Republican politician appeared in late-night. Yet, their Democrat counterparts have done so 27 times.

No one knew the politics of David Letterman and Johnny Carson. They didn’t need to. Late night hosts, and other late-night comedy shows like Saturday Night Live took shots at both sides of the aisle, because both sides of the aisle offer ample fodder for ridicule and entertainment. Instead of using a tried-and-true formula, the latter-day hosts instead resort to meanness and virtue signaling. There is a figurative phoenix rising from the ashes of late-night television, however. Fox News Greg Gutfeld has the second most popular late-night show despite being on a cable network. That should speak volumes to the suits at the big three networks as they write their next batch of checks for underperforming hosts.

Today, the genre is a shell of its former self. The current batch of hosts are hardly distinguishable from anchors on CNN and MSNBC.

Now, perhaps the politicized climate has made it difficult to ignore political discourse. But adopting such a staunch liberal bias remains a questionable approach.

The abandonment of non-liberal viewers has propelled “Gutfeld” to the No. 2 program in late-night, despite airing in far fewer homes on cable.

There is no more comedy on late night outside of Gutfeld and an occasional monologue from Bill Maher. Late night and its hosts are simply left wing propogandists bent on pushing a political and social narrative. Until the pendulum swings back towards entertainment over indoctrination, late night will remain on life support, waiting on the plug to be pulled.



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