Harrison Ford Reveals What He Knows About Next Season of “1923”

The Kevin Costner driven “Yellowstone” has been a revelation. Creator Taylor Sheridan has imagined a universe where men are men, sometimes violence IS the answer, and woke ideology has no home. The prequel stories “1883” and “1923” have followed the same story arc and viewers can’t get enough. Sheridan has managed to pack compelling storylines and relatable characters into a franchise that doesn’t require a gay cowboy or a transgender love interest. No wonder the Yellowstone franchise is an unstoppable force in an era where many have given up on television. Recently Harrison Ford, star of the latest prequel “1923” spoke out about the plot and storyline for the next season in the Dutton family saga. Check this out.

Harrison Ford is in the dark on what will happen in season two of “1923.”

The hit “Yellowstone” prequel was recently renewed for a second season on Paramount+, but that doesn’t mean the star of the series is being kept in the loop.

When asked if he has any idea how the second season will be different from the first, the legendary actor told The Hollywood Reporter, “I haven’t got a f*cking clue.”

Count on a grizzled veteran like Ford to say exactly what he thinks, but that is part of his appeal. Harrison Ford is a throwback to an era where television and movies were about actual stories and entertainment as opposed to virtue signaling and pushing narratives. The success of 1923 proves it. The show is well written and acted yes, but viewers know they can tune in and not be bombarded with leftist ideologies. Taylor Sheridan understands this and has created a universe in 1923 that stands as a credible predecessor to Yellowstone. In fact, Harrison Ford hasn’t even consulted with Kevin Costner.

Ford also revealed he didn’t reach out to Kevin Costner prior to working with Taylor Sheridan. He wanted to do it his own way. Sheridan has allowed Ford and Costner to do things their way. 

When Taylor and I first met face-to-face, there was no script because he didn’t want to write a script for people that are going to turn him down. But there are things in the scripts that I never would’ve anticipated that are emotionally consistent with things that have happened in my life. So when I was reading it, I was thinking, “What the f*ck?”

They’re little things. I’m not going to tell you what they are. But he talks about turning a natural place into a city and the consequences to nature and for people that live there. He talks about it with real understanding and real complexity. I’m struck by how consistent it is with what I think — or what I might have thought were I a rancher with the same personality in 1923.

Ford has no idea where 1923 is going, but in the Yellowstone universe the story has to align with what we already know of Kevin Coster’s Yellowstone. Undoubtedly Taylor Sheridan will weave both storylines together and continue with the story of the Dutton family. Even if Coster and Yellowstone end after season5 like sources say, Sheridan has the skill and talent to weave prequels together to keep Yellowstone fans engaged for season to come.

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