Hate Crime? Black Motorist Runs Over White Cyclist, Stabs Him for “White Supremacy’, Media Silent

Shocking surveillance footage on Wednesday showed the moment a motorist on the Pacific Coast Highway and Crown Valley Parkway rammed a cyclist, throwing the unsuspecting man over the windshield. The attack continued as the motorist exited the vehicle and proceeded to stab the man to death. What precipitated the attack? The media has been suspiciously silent because the motorist (suspect) is a person of color and the cyclist is, you guessed it, white. To compound matters, witnesses at the scene report hearing the alleged stabber citing “white privilege” as he carried out his attack, killing the white cyclist. Wonder how much coverage this would be getting had the roles been reversed? Check this out.

On Wednesday, surveillance video recorded a sedan mowing down a bicyclist in California. The man driving the sedan then exited the vehicle and stabbed the bicyclist to death.

The attack occurred shortly after 3 p.m. at Pacific Coast Highway and Crown Valley Parkway. The footage shows the victim, Dr. Michael John Mammone, flying over the hood upon the collision.

What precipitated the deadly attack is unclear, but considering the alleged assailant was armed with a knife and allegedly mentioned race, a motive seems apparent. Race. However, a racially motivated attack only gets clicks and likes if it is a person of color as the victim. When the roles are reversed the mainstream media stretches, yawns, and moves on.

Police have since arrested a suspect named Vanroy Evan Smith. Authorities confirmed Smith got out of his car brandishing a knife to inflict more pain upon a dying Mammone.

Officers are still gathering information relating to the incident. But a motive has emerged.

The outlet ABC7 spoke with a neighbor near the attack. The woman says she and her family ran outside when they caught the sounds of a collision. There, they heard the suspect uttering racial slurs about “white privilege” as he stabbed Dr. Mammone to death.

Looks like a motive to me. It also looks racial in nature. However, it doesn’t suit the narrative of media types and race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. White privilege is of course a myth, it has been for decades. There has never been a better time in American or human history to be black, brown, gay, trans, or whatever the flavor of the week is. Unfortunately, you have a media apparatus that is driven by fear, hatred, and division. That is what sells in 2023, and selling is the point. No one wants to read a story about a person of color stabbing to death an unsuspecting white person. They would rather read stories about injustices perpetrated on alleged marginalized communities. Our media stokes this. Jemele Hill, former of ESPN and race baiter extraordinaire recently spoke at Vanderbilt University and delivered this disgusting, false message.

Hill warned young black Americans at Vanderbilt University. She told them the police are “by design” not there to protect them.

Hill fueled fear among black students, encouraging them to take matters into their own hands because racist police will not.

Mind you, Vanderbilt University is a high-level school that is very difficult to get into, so the students there should be intelligent enough to disseminate what is true and what is not, but sadly when you have enough of “woe is me, we are oppressed” thrown at you, eventually it starts to stick, even if you are at an expensive, prestigious college. We will see in the coming days and weeks if the mainstream media pays any attention to this heinous crime, or if excuses will be made to dismiss or lesson the racial narrative here. Either way it was a scary, disgusting attack and a man lost his life simply for being white. Let that sink in.


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