Joe Manchin Asked What Political Party He Belongs To; His Answer Is Troubling Democrats

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin was recently asked what political party he belonged to during an interview, but ultimately refused to call himself a Democrat, which is no doubt causing a lot of hardcore leftists in Congress to start nervously nibbling their nails. Manchin conducted an interview on Sunday with Maria Bartiromo, host of the Fox News program, “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“My main concern is how do we bring this country together? How do we make it work?” the West Virginia Democrat went on to say after being asked about possibly running for president. “How do we make Democrats, Republicans become Americans again, and not just party affiliates?”

“Do you still identify as a Democrat?” Bartiromo asked Manchin several times.

“I identify as an American,” Manchin replied to the question. “I’m an American through and through.”

During an interview last month on NBC News, Manchin refused to answer if he would be seeking reelection as a Democrat. Boy, it certainly seems as if he is attempting to put some distance between himself and the hardcore progressive party he’s belong to for years, doesn’t it? Have they gone so far to the left that it’s even too much for a lifelong Democrat like Manchin?

“If you run for office in 2024, are you going to run as a Democrat?” host Chuck Todd asked the senator.

“I haven’t made a decision what I’m going to do in 2024,” Manchin replied, according to the Daily Wire. “I’ve got two years ahead of me now to do the best I can for the state and for my country.”

Manchin then went on to say, “everything’s on the table,” when it comes to his future in politics.

“So everything on the table, there’s basically only one other thing: the presidency,” Todd later asked. “Is that something you would do outside the Democratic Party if you could?”

“The only thing I can tell you is what I will do is whatever I can when I make my decision, what I think is the best that I can support and represent the people of West Virginia, but also be true to this country and the Constitution of this country,” Manchin said. “I’m telling you that I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that when I make my decision, I make it based on what’s best, what I think I can do to support the best for my country and my state.”

Democrats have gone so off the rails they are hemorrhaging members. What’s more, this socialistic faction has grown in power and influence, now making them the dominate driving force behind the formation of Democratic Party politics and policy. And that is what we’re fighting against.

These aren’t just people who want to be rich, famous, and influential. They actually believe in their cause. Leftists truly believe that the right set of individuals with the right policies can perfect fallen humanity and create a perfect, utopian society without suffering or want. And those who are proponents of freedom — who have a realistic, grounded understanding of human nature — are standing in the way of that plan.

And that is the foundation of the culture war we are now fighting.

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