Joy Reid Sounds Like an Idiot Again With Clueless Rant Ripping Florida

It’s hard to be mad at Joy Reid. She isn’t very smart, she’s a racist, she has a lowly rated show on a failing cable network, yea it’s just hard to stay mad at her. She is almost a cartoon character. No one takes her seriously outside of leftists, so she has to say the most insane, provocative, off the wall statements just to get anyone to look at her, which is hard. She’s not exactly a dime after all. Despite all of the hot takes and nonsense, she is mostly harmless. Until she starts bad-mouthing Florida, that is. Florida is as American a state as there is in the Union. The Sunshine State is full of God fearing, Second Amendment loving patriots. Reid went a step too far recently when she went on an ignorant, misguided rant about Florida that proves she is either incompetent, lying, or never been to Florida. Check this out.

“We begin tonight in the not-so-free state of Florida, where in the year 2023, it’s probably easier to get a gun than it is to get a history book. Right now, Florida Republicans, led by Governor Ron DeSantis, are trying to push through a bill that would eliminate concealed weapons permits, calling the right to bear arms, quote, ‘central to our freedom.’ Those same lawmakers have simultaneously cracked down on other freedoms, like children’s freedom to read books. The Washington Post is reporting today that school officials in at least two Florida counties, Manatee and Duval, have directed teachers this month to remove or wrap up their own classroom libraries until the books are vetted for appropriateness under state law.”

Reid fails to mention that time and again across the country and in Florida inappropriate reading material has been found in schools. Material that is either not age appropriate or pushes sexual themes on children too young to handle that type of material. Sadly, some educators have agendas, and they sneak reading materials into their rooms to further their agendas. Rather than teach, some educators are seeking to indoctrinate, and that’s not ok. Joy also fails to make the distinction that it has nothing to do with actual textbooks, rather material that some teachers and schools provide in addition. The vetting system simply seeks to take a look, and if you aren’t providing anything inappropriate, carry on! Who would disagree with the notion that kids shouldn’t be exposed to borderline pornographic material? Joy Reid apparently.

“Teachers who display or give a student a book deemed un-allowed could face up to five years in prison. You heard that right—five years in prison for handing a child a book.

Reid again fails to give adequate context and misleads her viewers. Shocking. The Washington Post had to print a clarification after erroneously reporting on what Reid was parroting.

However, a later clarification on the story noted that this penalty does not come from DeSantis’ new law but a pre-existing law prohibiting the distribution of pornography to minors.

Again, who is against keeping porn from minors? The left it would seem. Joy wrapped up her insane rant by ironically providing numerous reasons WHY parent might want to pack up the kids and move to Florida.

“Not only is he banning books about history and any mention of the existence of gay people from Florida schools, he’s barring public high schools from teaching AP African American studies. He’s taking aim at drag performances, even suggesting that he would urge the state’s child protective services to investigate parents who take their own kids to one. He’s actively trying to ban COVID vaccine mandates and restricting mask rules while at the same time calling for probes into supposed wrongdoing linked to the vaccine. And he’s doing all of this while making sure that anyone can walk around with a gun, no permit required. It’s a right-wing fantasy land — like Disney World but in hell. Come to Florida, the meanest place on earth.”

The hope is Ron Desantis will put Reid on blast and call her out for the blatant lies about history books and the already debunked mischaracterization of the so called ‘don’t say gay’ bill. She knows she is being misleading, but her last several points are all reasons to be a Floridian. AP African American studies simply isn’t important enough to use precious instruction time for, parents that take their kids to drag shows SHOULD have CPS called on them, mask mandates and vaccine mandates SHOULD be banned, investigations SHOULD take place into vaccine wrongdoing, and you SHOULD be allowed to carry a gun. Florida is the freest state in America, and the exploding population numbers prove it. In fact, Joy Reid is describing somewhere that sounds like a fantastic place to raise a family. See, we just can’t stay mad at someone as stupid as Joy Reid.

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