LeBron James Breaks NBA Scoring Record, Kanter Freedom Dunks on Him Moments Later for Hypocrisy

LeBron James broke the all-time- scoring record on Wednesday night, after being held by Laker great Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar. It was a record many felt would stand forever, but by virtue of joining the league straight out of high school, James has managed to play at a high level long enough to claim the record. As the rest of the basketball world was fawning over James’ accomplishment, Enis Kanter Freedom wasted no time in hopping on Twitter and reminding LeBron truly who he is, records be damned. Check this out.

LeBron James broke the NBA all-time scoring record on Tuesday night. While most of the basketball world was bowing to The King’s latest feat, Enes Kanter Freedom took a different approach with his reaction to the moment.

Just minutes after James passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to take the throne on the all-time scoring list, Freedom fired off a rather vicious tweet pointing out James’ lack of values off the court.

Freedom of course is talking about James’s reticence and often times refusal to even address the leagues ties with communist China, and the human rights violations and genocide that go along with it. The NBA has deep ties with China, as does Hollywood, and apparently Joe Biden, and Freedom is perhaps his most vocal critic. While it’s impossible to deny Lebron’s greatness on the court, his lack of courage and moral fiber off have been shocking. James famously has race baited and stoked fear in the black community with comments about police and law enforcement that statistically weren’t true.

Freedom joined ‘Fox and Friends’ on Wednesday morning to further explain his tweet and expand on James’ hypocrisy.

“Obviously he’s one of the best player to ever play. I play the game. He just broke the record last night, I congratulate him. But (at the) same time, if you see what he stands for, you know, there are so many human rights violations that are happening around the world that also, you know, he called himself more than an athlete.

“He called himself a, you know, human rights activist or freedom fighter. So I was just very disappointed in him just, you know, choosing money and business over his morals, values, principles,” Freedom explained.

“He signed with a company like Nike that pretty much used slave labor, sweatshops over in China. And he talks about all the problems that happened around the world. But when it comes to one specific topic, China, he stays silence, and that is hypocrisy. So that’s why I wanted to expose it. I wanted to call them out. And I just hope that he chooses to speak out about not only the problems that happen in America, but all around the world, because you call himself more than an athlete. So people going to ask you questions about it.”

The issue is as always one of money. China has deep pockets, and the NBA isn’t exactly wildly popular here, so the league needs outside sources to keep the cash flowing and keep pace with rising salaries. China is an untapped market with lots of cash. China will also shut down the conversation and ban the broadcasting of games if the league runs afoul of their narrative. They have done it before. Deep down, LeBron MIGHT care about human rights violations. He might not be able to express those views out of fear for what might happen with the NBA. Enis Kanter Freedom is fearless, and while not the star on the court that James is, he is a star off of it.

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