Leftist Mexican President Hunts Elves While Citizens Protest His Policies in Mexico City

In a page right out of Joe Biden and his Democrat playbook, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ran a classic misdirection over the weekend as tens of thousands of angry citizens were in Mexico City to protest his failed policies.

The “look at this hand” while the other hand robs you is classic Democrat strategy. You can pretty much rest assured that if Democrats are hammering a talking point or pointing out something that the right has done, it is to distract you from what is really happening. Chinese balloons? Distraction. Russia hoax? Distraction. UFO’s? Probably real, but if the government is talking about them, it is likely to be a distraction. For the Mexican President, it isn’t anything quite as sophisticated, though it IS more interesting and compared to some of the Democrats hi jinks, more believable. Check this out.

Tens of thousands took to Mexico City’s main plaza over the weekend to protest their leftist president and his policies. Rather than face the real concern of citizens, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s has evidently turned his mind to fantasy.

Obrador posted a poorly lit image of a tree and something possibly in it to his social media accounts over the weekend, intimating that it was photographic proof of the existence of a folkloric elf.

This is akin to Joe Biden reporting a Bigfoot sighting on one of his numerous vacations back to Rehoboth Beach. Or similarly, like seeing our dusty old President or Pete Buttigieg at an actual disaster site. It might be a cool idea, but no one is going to believe it! Not even with a grainy, pixilated picture, or in Biden’s case, a faded old Polaroid.

You have to credit Mexico’s President for creativity at least. He didn’t just go on vacation, he reported a sighting of the famed and in some cases much loved elves!

Obrador wrote that the image was captured “three days ago by an engineer, it appears to be an aluxe.”

According to the Yucatan Times, an alux (plural: aluxo’ob) are knee-high “pixies” from local, often Mayan mythology, tasked with protecting plantations, cornfields, and properties.

“As in all goblin traditions, these little beings are often naughty and play practical jokes on people crossing their domains,” wrote the Times. “Sometimes they take reprisals that become real nightmares, they are said to produce short screams, strong whirlpools and other phenomena when they get angry and some people consider aluxes ‘allies of evil.'”

Ironically, some people consider the Democrats “allies of evil”, and the Democrats hate plantations, cornfields and property. At least the thought of anyone but them owning any. None of our little goblins in Washington are as playful, but they certainly can be naughty and be real nightmares. And screams? Have you ever listened to AOC talk?

Unfortunately for Obrador, his ruse was easily debunked by a simple reverse image search.

Obrador was roundly ridiculed.

Mexican novelist Mauricio Schwarz noted that the image allegedly captured days earlier “has been doing the rounds in Nuevo León since February 2021 and in Thailand since December of that year.”

Schwarz added, “You are sad, very sad… and the country even more… If you believe it, you are stupid… if you know you are lying, you are malicious…”

A reverse-image search confirms Schwarz’s suggestion. Images of Obrador’s supposed alux have been online for at least two years.

It was a bad weekend to be the President of Mexico. More than one hundred thousand people protested in Mexico City, and the press, unlike ours here, isn’t running cover for him.  Not even spotting an elf helped Obrador. Maybe if he spots Pete Buttigieg they will lighten up. Keep on the lookout President Obrador, Pete is like Waldo, very hard to find.


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