LOL: Canada Demands NYC ‘Immediately Stop’ Sending Immigrants to Quebec, Eh

In a move that is almost as funny as ironic, Canada has demanded that New York City immediately stop sending illegal immigrants to Quebec. How does it feel, Canada? In fairness, it isn’t Canada’s problem and New York City Mayor Eric Adams perhaps shouldn’t be facilitating undocumented aliens and their transport to any other foreign country except the one they came from. Despite portraying themselves as a compassionate sanctuary city, New York instead has been purchasing one-way tickets to the Great White North. Check this out.

Officials in Quebec, Canada, are demanding New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) “immediately stop” sending border crossers and illegal aliens to their province.

Last week, as Breitbart News reported, border crossers and illegal aliens who have been bused to the sanctuary city of New York have started fleeing on buses for Quebec — paid for by New Yorkers. Adams confirmed that the city is paying for the one-way bus tickets out of the city.

Now, officials in Quebec are pleading with Adams to stop the illegal immigration that is inundating their province.

Of course, this is Canada we are talking about, so little brother to the north perhaps shouldn’t be making demands, but the rest of the world has taken to bullying the biggest kid on the block since Joe Biden took office, so why not Canada? The fact that New York City is struggling with the influx of illegals is sweet satisfaction to many parts of the country, particularly states on the southern border. Those states have been overwhelmed with little aid from this inept administration while liberal strongholds like New York City have been critical of those states handling of illegals. Guess what goes around comes around, right?Canada hilariously goes on to say:

The government of Canada’s second-most populated province is demanding that Mayor Eric Adams “immediately” stop helping migrants illegally enter the Great White North, as recently revealed by The Post.

“Any form of assistance to migrants crossing the border where it is strictly forbidden to do so should stop immediately,” a spokesperson for Quebec Premier Francois Legault said. 

“We understand that the situation of migrants in New York poses major challenges, but the situation in Quebec and particularly in Montreal is even worse and constitutes an important humanitarian issue.” 

Sorry? Eric Adams has aspirations of the White House so Canada pushing back against the city shuttling migrants to Canada on a one-way ticket is not good for him politically, and probably not the right thing to do either. Our immigration problem is owned by Joe Biden and his liberal cohorts. Pawning them off to another country other than their own is ignoring a problem you helped create.

To date, nearly 50,000 border crossers have arrived in New York City since the spring of last year, with almost 30,000 living across more than 80 hotels, for free, and the city’s mega-shelters like the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

Sources close to Mayor Eric Adams’ office have revealed that the cost estimate to New Yorkers to house, clothe, educate, and provide medical services to newly arrived border crossers is set to exceed $4 billion over the next two years.

Again, sorry. Liberals want open borders. Liberals put Joe Biden in office and cried salty liberal tears when President Trump wanted to build a wall and secure the border. Liberals should now be forced to live with their choices. Voting has consequences, and when the consequences are being overrun by illegal immigrant you encouraged to come here, then deal with it.


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