Matt Walsh Drops Top Three Contenders for Worst Wife in America. Who Made the List?

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh dropped his list of the worst three wives in America on Friday, and the list should surprise no one. Walsh labeled the three the “unholy trinity” and ripped into them on his podcast. Considering who they are, it’s easy to see why these three made the list. Check this out.

Daily Wire host Matt Walsh said Friday morning that there are three women vying for the title of worst wife in America: Gisele Fetterman, Jill Biden, and Meghan Markle. 

The “Matt Walsh Show” podcast ripped into the “unholy trinity” after Senator John Fetterman (D-PA), husband to Gisele Barreto Fetterman, was hospitalized for depression. Many have expressed concern Gisele was encouraging her husband to run for office when he should have been recovering from the stroke he suffered days before the Democratic Senate primary. 

It is indeed shameful that John Fetterman’s wife allowed him to be put on display by the Democrat machine, despite not having the functioning brain or the ability to effectively communicate. This was displayed over and over on the campaign trail, yet Pennsylvania residents couldn’t wait to elect him to represent their state. Gisele Fetterman may have designs on the office once her husband decides he can no longer do the job. Considering it is a six-year term and we are only a few months in, it isn’t looking good.

“I think if you were to make like the unholy trinity of worst wives in America, it’s like Fetterman, Jill Biden, and Meghan Markle,” Walsh said, adding, “they’re jostling for position in that number one spot.”

Jill Biden is also allowing a clearly compromised Joe Biden to be paraded around by the left. Biden has pooped himself in front of the pope, shaken ghost hands, gave shout outs to dead people, and fallen off bikes. Those are his least destructive accomplishments since taking office and dismantling the economy from the ground up. Jill should be protecting her declining husband but instead she insists on making him a laughingstock on a world stage.

Meghan Markle has managed to be the living embodiment of the “ugly American” while tearing the Royal family in half and isolating her husband from his family and country. It’s bad enough than Markle is playing the Yoko Ono role, but she is doing it by being petulant, entitled, and often playing the victim. Perhaps Prince Harry is partially to blame as he could have made clear to his wife what her role was in the Royal family, but she manipulated and pitted her husband against the crown, and the result has been a trainwreck on display for the world to see.

There are really no winners in this contest. Each wife has displayed behavior that suggests they have ulterior motives. John Fetterman and Joe Biden are compromised, so they shoulder little of the blame for the actions of their respective wives. Harry could have checked Markle before she got out of control but chose not to. Either way, these three are the case studies in how NOT to be a wife and protect your spouse.


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