Newest Public Health Crisis? Lack of Black Doctors, ‘Experts’ Say

Since America doesn’t have enough problems with public health and race baiting, CNN and “experts” have declared the newest public health emergency is a lack of black doctors. If CNN hasn’t been fake news since 2016, they certainly are dipping a toe in it now. The how and why behind the perceived lack of black physicians is unclear, but certainly “experts” will tell us why it is racist, and it is white people’s fault. It’s unclear WHY a lack of black doctors is a crisis, as long as there are doctors. But apparently if the media doesn’t have any real racial issues, they will just make them up. Check this out.

The crisis stems from the lack of diversity in the operating room.

According to CNN, black people make up only 6 percent of doctors in the United States. The outlet reached out to so-called “experts” to ask them what that means.

And the “experts” found themselves concerned.

The so-called “experts” also said masks worked, six feet was a safe distance, and jabs were safe. When experts stop changing the food pyramid every few years, perhaps they will be more believable. Remember when eggs were good for you, then bad for you, now good for you again? Forgive me if I don’t put much stock in the experts.

Urging industries to hire on the basis of racial equity is an inherently flawed practice.

If there’s a field in which the skin colors of the professional ought to be a non-factor, it’s those who save lives.

Indeed, if I need surgery for something, I want the most qualified person for the job, not someone who graduated high school with a 2.8 GPA and got into medical school because they had more melanin in their skin. Call me crazy, but in certain professions, we need the best and brightest, not equity and diversity. How many black people are getting excluded from medical school because they are black? I would venture that number is zero. Fox News contributor Will Cain weighed in on the debate:

“In matters of life or death we’re now prioritizing ‘diversity’ over death,” Fox News host Will Cain tweeted in response to the CNN segment. “FIND THE BEST DOCTORS REGARDLESS OF RACE.”

As Cain also notes, CNN’s own study showed a larger gap between the population demographic and U.S. doctors for Hispanics than for black Americans. Yet, CNN made no mention of the racial inequality Latinos face during its segment warning of a crisis.

The truth is, CNN and so-called experts aren’t really concerned about underrepresentation from any particular race or gender in terms of number of people in the field. The legacy media is concerned with clicks and drawing eyeballs to their garbage narratives. Further, “experts” want to be put on television, and saying outrageous, ridiculous things like there aren’t enough black doctors is exactly what the fake news wants. It isn’t inequity, it is simple math. Black people don’t necessarily seek to work in the field. That’s not racist, and that’s not a public health crisis. That’s fake news.


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