“Non-Binary” Pop Star Portrays Satan for Grammy Performance, Will Probably Meet Him Someday

The Grammy awards used to be a prestigious night where the American viewing public could excitedly tune in to see performances and hear speeches from music legends. Now it’s a lowly rated cartoon sideshow that is simply indicative of our crumbling Western culture and the stunning lack of artistry and creativity in the music world in exchange for shock value and crassness. Probably why most people didn’t even know it was on. Sunday evening the people that consider themselves “stars” in the music industry gathered once again to pat themselves on the back and try to one-up one another with gross, sexualized performances. Think softcore porn. Better yet, don’t as one of the alleged biggest performances and speeches of the night were from someone named Sam Smith, a self-proclaimed “non-binary” person, and a fellow named Kim Petras, a German man living as a make-believe woman. Understand why I say DON’T think softcore porn? It only gets grosser from there. Check this out.

Pop star Sam Smith, who describes himself as non-binary, peformed a BDSM Devil-themed rendition of his song “Unholy” at the Grammys on Sunday night, complete with red leather suits, flames, and cartoonish devil horns.

Leading up to Sunday’s performance, Sam Smith promised that it would likely anger Christians and cause protests at CBS for what he described as satanic imagery.

So cool and edgy. Sam Smith is truly a visionary. Unfortunately for him the vision he is likely to have someday is of the pointy tailed fellow with a pitchfork. That will surely be more upsetting and shocking than the cartoon character depiction Smith presented. Smith sought to anger Christians with his embarrassing performance. It wouldn’t be shocking if he got some angry Tweets from Satanists as well. Hey, if Satan were my go-to guy I wouldn’t want him to be portrayed by a fruit loop like Sam Smith. Just saying.

As Showbiz 411 reported, sources said that the performance would “make a lot of people very upset.”

“I guarantee there will be calls to CBS from outraged Christians,” a source close to Smith said.

Smith’s source said that the singer would “playing Satan” and that “there will be a lot of devil type stuff, devil worship, and ‘pyrotechnics like you’ve never seen.’”

“It’s over the top and really crazy,” the source said.

Prior to the performance, Sam Smith and Kim Petras, a man living as a woman, accepted the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and the media has since been hailing it as a “historic” moment.

It was a historic moment when Will Smith “b” slapped Chris Rock last year, but that doesn’t mean it was IMPORTANT. Who cares if a sneaky dude puts on a dress, some bad makeup and sings with a weirdo like Sam Smith? Maybe the fans that will age out of this nonsense in a couple years, but beyond that just the fawning media that is looking to virtue signal and get clicks and likes. Few Christians were offended because few Christians were actually watching. We know what the Grammy’s and Hollywood has devolved into, so most don’t bother to watch. Many like me didn’t even know it was on. The music industry is no longer about talent as much as the sideshow. The problem is most everything has been done better already. Want to shock Christians, Sam Smith? Maybe get a time machine and go back and watch the metal band Tool come out and casually thank their ‘lord and savior Satan’ for their award, or watch Christian Bale thank Satan in a 2019 Golden Globes speech. You are late to the party Sam. Less can be more, and less of Sam Smith and sneaky dudes in dresses might actually help restore credibility and an audience to the Grammy’s.


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