Notorious Leftist Sean Penn Calls Out Colleges for Being Too Woke

Sean Penn, Hollywood actor and superior human being is one of the most avowed leftists on the planet. He is the epitome of the social justice warrior and so-called progressive. So, when Sean Penn calls you out for being too woke, you probably are too woke. That is what happened on Bill Maher’s podcast recently as Penn blasted woke culture on college campuses. Yea, it’s that bad. Check this out.

Penn has had enough, and explained how he was protested during a college speech, while also being applauded for his hit film “Milk.” In that moment, it occurred to him he could never play the role of a gay man in 2023 due to the outrage mob.

“I was realizing the contradiction in what was happening outside with the protestors and a few inside, and when I came out, I think the first thing I said, which I think was a fair observation, ‘Were that film today, I couldn’t play that part,’ and the same people who two minutes before were applauding ‘Milk’ were thinking ‘f**k him’ about me too. Suddenly, we’re hardwired into acceptance,” the Hollywood star explained on Bill Maher’s podcast.

College campuses should be the place our youth go to learn how to cope and survive in the adult world. It should be a place for a free exchange of ideas, and a place where you learn to see other points of view and how to sway people to your side. Instead, it’s all safe spaces and anyone with a different opinion gets shouted down or kicked out.

Political correctness, wokeness and the snowflake attitude have all gone way too far. College is supposed to be about growing as a person, earning an education and being challenged.

Of all the places that shouldn’t be safe spaces, colleges are right at the top of the list. You should have to learn how to defend your ideas and defeat others.

Instead, society has put the kids gloves on and coddled the youth. If you’re offended or failing, it’s not on you. It must be somebody else’s fault, and then we wonder why the country is going to hell.

Somewhere it all went off the rails. College went from a coming-of-age experience to an indoctrination into communism. The closer you get to the coasts the worse it gets. Thankfully a college degree is no longer necessary to make a very good living. In fact, the more schools offer degrees in useless subjects like Gender Studies and African American Studies, the less valuable a mainstream college degree is. The tide will eventually turn on wokeism, and when it does employers may be less inclined to employ someone from a liberal arts college with a minor in Gender Studies. Too much potential for drama. For now, most colleges continue to be woke concentration camps, but when Sean Penn notices enough to call you out, you probably have a problem.


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