NYC Hotel Worker Paints Vivid Picture Of Total Chaos As Migrants Trash Rooms, Bring Drugs

An employee who works for at New York’s Row NYC hotel came out last week and revealed how illegal immigrants who have been placed at the facility have caused “total chaos” as they have brought drugs into the establishment and have completely trashed rooms being paid for with tax dollars. And this is just one of a million reasons why we need to seal off the border and ship those who cross over illegally back to their country of origin. This is referred to as “enforcing the law,” which is actually something the federal government has the authority to do. And yet, nothing has actually been done to end this problem.

“Felipe Rodriguez described to Fox News the scene at Row NYC — which is ‘closed until further notice’ as it is being used to house illegal immigrants who have been dropped off in New York — telling ‘Fox & Friends’ that the city was supposed to be running the housing program but that no one was providing any real supervision or direction,” the Daily Wire reported.

“Chaos, total chaos,” he went on to say of the conditions at the hotel. “There’s no accountability. The city’s so-called running the program [and] allows these people to destroy these rooms. There is no daily supervision to show these people that … you don’t destroy your hotel. You are only there temporarily. This is not your home.”

“Unfortunately, the ones that are paying the price is the hotel workers, Local 6 union workers,” Rodriguez continued in his comments concerning how things are going at his workplace. “Those guys and those ladies endure a lot of disrespect from the migrants, and there [are] some nice migrants, but there’s too much alcohol, too much drugs and too much violence, and you have teenagers … going into the staircases and making out like it’s lovers lane … This is a free-for-all.”

Rodriquez has had to go on disability due an injury he sustained while trying to deliver a refrigerator to a room that was filled with dangerous clutter. What’s even worse, Rodriguez said that management at the hotel does not seem interested in fixing the situation, mostly due to the government paying them more money to house the illegal migrants than they would make off of normal guests. It’s always about the money, isn’t it? Greed is shameful.

“Their self-entitlement is beyond belief. They believe that … the hotel is theirs, and they’re going to do what will what they want, and our general manager really [doesn’t] care about any of the workers’ toxic conditions or hostile conditions. All he cares about is the money. They wanted more money, so it’s easy money from the city,” he proclaimed.

“Another hotel, the Watson — which has also “’suspended operations until further notice’ — has been the focus of a protest after a number of male migrants were instructed to move from the hotel to a shelter,” the Daily Wire reported.

“Claiming that the accommodations at the shelter were ‘subpar,’ a number of the migrants opted instead to camp out on the street in front of the Watson in protest,” the report continued.

If you don’t have skin in the game, you tend to take the opportunities you’re given for granted. I think that’s what is happening here. We are allowing illegal migrants to just waltz into the country and for whatever reason, they are under the impression they are owed something from us. I don’t just mean our government, but all of us, as the tax dollars ripped from every single Americans’ paycheck is paying the bill for these individuals to have all of their needs met.

Force them to have skin in the game by coming through the country the right way, and well, you’ll probably see a big shift in attitude.

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