NYC Mayor Adams Housing Migrants in Hotels, Sending the Bill to City Hospitals

New York City has exploded with migrants under Joe Biden’s open borders policy. Despite being a self-proclaimed “sanctuary city”, Mayor Eric Adams has whined time and again about southern states bussing illegals to the Big Apple and has even gone as far as to bus many to Canada. Naturally Canada wasn’t very pleased, and many of the migrants made their way back to New York. Turns out a crappy version of New York City is still better than Canada. The city has been housing illegals in hotels, even while New Yorkers struggle to put food on the table and pay their bills, and now it has been revealed who is actually paying for all of this. Check this out.

The New York Post reported that hotel rooms used to house migrants are paid for by the city’s public hospital system.

For example, NYC Health + Hospitals CEO Mitchell Katz recently authorized $68 million in payments to two four star hotels in Manhattan where migrants have been staying.

$40 million went to The Row hotel near Times Square and $28 million to the Stewart Hotel near Madison Square Garden, according to documents first uncovered by The City.

Millions more dollars are on their way to the Watson Hotel and the Wolcott Hotel.

Aren’t these the same hospitals that we were told would be overwhelmed by covid, yet now the city is making the same hospitals pay for housing for migrants whose covid status and backgrounds are largely unknown? Funny how that works. How did Eric Adams manage to do an end-around and stick the public health system with the hotel bills?

The most obvious question about this practice is why exactly are hospitals paying to house migrants?

Because of Mayor Eric Adams, of course.

New York signed an agreement with the hospital system to manage “Humanitarian Response and Relief Centers” throughout the city. So the nearly $94 million being spent to put them up in hotels can be approved without typical oversight procedures.

Nearly 80,000 migrants have moved into the city over the past year, as the border crisis rapidly escalated. New York famously declared itself a sanctuary city, only to be shocked and horrified when having to deal with the problems border cities routinely face.

New York’s Office of Management and Budget estimated that it could cost roughly $4.2 billion through the middle of 2024.

Very sneaky move by Adams. Remember, this man has designs on the White House. One can only imagine the chicanery that will take place if a shyster like Adams were allowed to run the country. Actually, it would probably just be a continuation of sticky fingers Joe Biden with back door payouts and corruption.

It’s hard to feel sorry for New York City. After all, they voted for this. In fact, Democrats in every liberal city that are complaining about being overburdened by illegal immigrants should just shut their kombucha sipping mouths. They voted for this, and as it turns out voting has consequences! Maybe next time they will know better? Probably not, as liberalism is a mind disease and Orang Man bad. Until then, might want to postpose those New York City vacation plans, unless you can get Eric Adams to pay for it.

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