Officials Make Stunning Claim About Biden And Current Border Stats

Both current and former officials have issued a warning that the Biden administration has started to manipulate border statistics, which is incentivizing illegal migrants to change from illegally crossing over the southern border we share with Mexico to looking for parole and asylum along ports of entry into the United States, while blinding the eyes of border agents by placing restrictions on their use of surveillance balloons.

Man, the topic of balloons is certainly everywhere, right now, isn’t it? Kind of weird that this is something that is at the forefront of our national discussion. Also, who knew there were so many versatile uses for balloons. They’re not just for kids’ birthday parties anymore. I kid, I kid.

“Former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told the ‘Just the News, No Noise’ television show Tuesday that the net effect of the policy changes will be to create a false portrait to the American people that the border crisis has eased when in fact it has simply shifted tactics,” Just the News reported.

“They’re just simply moving them from the desert or across the river into a port of entry,” the former Trump administration official went on to say. “But the result remains the same, which is they are doing nothing to deter this type of behavior. And they continue to incentivize and encourage it.”

After the hoopla caused by a Chinese spy balloon that flew over the middle portion of the country — a move that was bungled by the Biden administration’s refusal to actually shoot the dang thing down until it reached the east coast — Wolf revealed he’s worried that the president and his people have now thwarted the ability of the Customs and Border Protection agents to track these gotaways — illegal migrants who have managed to elude border patrols — by reducing their use of balloons known as aerostats.

“They announced last week they are reducing the number of aerostats that the Border Patrol uses, which are big balloons,” Wolf went on to say. “They are another type of balloon, not Chinese, but another type of balloon that they use along that border for domain awareness so that they understand what’s going on the border. And they track gotaways with that technology as well.”

“So you’re also going to see in the next several months the number of gotaways go significantly down, not because there are less of them, but because the department now has less capability to track them,” the report continued.

Several officials who currently work for DHS have confirmed both changes have been implemented by the current administration and that they will change the official illegal immigration statistics without actually slowing down the issue.

It really seems as if the radical left is not even trying to stop the crisis along the southern border. What might be the reason for this obvious lack of concern for our national security? How about the theory floating around out there that the Democratic Party is trying to alter the demographics of the U.S. in order to boost voter numbers and win more elections, utilizing a form of plantation politics to get illegal migrants hooked on free stuff and manipulate them with fear tactics into casting a ballot for their candidates?

Because I have a feeling that’s exactly what’s happening.

“Former CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan, who served both Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, said the Biden administration was driving down illegal migration statistics — the number fell by about 100,000 between December and January — ‘through a perversion and violation of the law,'” Just the News reported.

“This is why we’re calling it a shell game,”Morgan went on to explain. “Because this administration, Secretary Mayorkas has simply made a deal with migrants from around the world, 171 different countries. They said, ‘Look, in exchange for you stopping to illegally enter and file fraudulent claims, we’ll let you get on the CBP phone app, make an appointment to come to a port of entry, where we will continue to look the other way as you continue to file fraudulent claims. We will process and continue to release you in the United States.”

“They simply shifted the crisis from in between the borders, to the ports of entry,” he added.

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