Online Petition for Donna Kelce To Flip Super Bowl Coin Gains Traction, NFL Gets Their Compelling Storyline

The NFL playoffs have wrapped up, and the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles have punched their tickets to the big game in a little over a week. The Chiefs didn’t get there without some drama and controversy, as “NFL rigged” trended on Twitter following a somewhat suspicious AFC Championship game against the Bengals. While there is no hardcore evidence of malfeasance, (besides my own two eyes), the league got the matchup they undoubtedly wanted, and the accompanying storylines to go with it. Two black starting quarterbacks during black history month, Pat Mahomes, the face of the league in the Super Bowl, Andy Reid playing his old team, and the Kelce brothers squaring off makes for compelling entertainment and a lot of hype building up to the game. Now an online petition is gaining traction to allow Donna Kelce, the mother of the Kelce brothers to flip the coin before the game. Check this out.

Kelce is the mother of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce.

The Kelce brothers are the first siblings to play against each other in a Super Bowl, and the petition at is calling on the league to make their mother part of the game, as well.

“This is Donna Kelce, mother of Jason and Travis Kelce,” the petition says under a photo of Kelce wearing a hybrid jersey made up of the colors of her two sons’ teams. “Her sons are going to play each other in the Super Bowl in 2 weeks. I would like to see her wear this split jersey she had made when she flips the coin to start the game.”

Whether by hook or by crook, the league got what they wanted with Jason and Travis Kelce squaring off, both late in their Hall of Fame careers. A true feelgood story to be sure, even if Travis got there with a little help. Why not let mom flip the coin? It isn’t very often in league history that we get situations like this.

Several other moms have also seen their sons play against each other in the NFL, including Connie Watt, who had three sons in the NFL. Derek (Steelers), T.J. (Steelers), and J.J. (Texans) all played concurrently. Phyllis Harrell also had two sons playing in the league at the same time: Jason (Titans) and Devin (Patriots) McCourty.

None of these siblings ever played against each other in the Super Bowl and considering the odds of having one professional athlete in your family, no less two, Donna Kelce should be rewarded for her good genetics and parenting and be honored with flipping the coin. Just a word of caution if she does; pay close attention to how the coin lands, you don’t want the officials screwing that up too.

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