Public School District Assigns Ridiculous ‘Privileged Or Oppressed’ Worksheet; What It Said About ‘Specieism’ Is Mind-Blowing

We are truly living in strange times, ladies and gentlemen. It seems as though with each passing day, the world around us loses more and more touch with reality and our societal wide slide into insanity seems to be gaining speed. A good case in point comes from a public school district in the state of Maryland, where students have been given worksheets that provide explanations for various kinds of oppression, including “specieism,” which, and I kid you not, is defined as the oppression of plants, flora, and animals, according to documentation that was obtained by Parents Defending Education, Fox News Digital stated.

You really can’t make this stuff up, can you?

TheBlaze is reporting that Howard County Public School System had teachers assign their students the “Privileged or Oppressed? Worksheet” from the Black Lives Matter curriculum. Well, that explains everything, now doesn’t it? Marxism, which is at the root of the ideology that BLM holds to — Cultural Marxism and its expression Critical Race Theory — requires one to pull their brain out of their skull, dribble it on the floor like a basketball, and promptly dump it in the garbage.

“The worksheet listed 13 types of oppression, including racism, sexism, classism, elitism, religious oppression, anti-Semitism, militarism, ageism, adultism, heterosexism, ableism, xenophobia, linguistic oppression, and speciesism,” the report said.

“The worksheet outlined ‘non-target groups’ and ‘target groups’ for each type of oppression listed. For example, racism was explained as targeting ‘people of color (African, Asian, Native, Latino/a)’ but not targeting ‘white’ individuals. The worksheet taught students that heterosexism oppresses ‘gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender’ people, not heterosexuals. Religious oppression was defined as targeting ‘Muslims and others,’ but not ‘Christians, Protestants.’ It also stated that militarism often targets Vietnam veterans but not those who served in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Gulf War, Operation Iraqi Freedom, or the Afghan War,” TheBlaze continued.

The last part of the worksheet explained that specieism is also a form of oppression, one which targets “animals/plants/flora.”

The BLM curriculum then instructs students to identify “the places where they enjoy privilege and places where their status causes them to lack privilege.” 

Here are more details on the insanity happening in public schools via TheBlaze report:

In January 2021, the district’s Board of Education approved a resolution “recognizing Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action.” The board declared that the district was “not using the external curriculum put out by the BLM organization” but that school staff had “created lessons that can be used in Middle School or High School.”

Documents obtained by PDE revealed that the lesson plan was titled “Diversity and Globalism: Secondary Social Studies Community” and featured a “Black Lives Matter” banner.

According to the lesson plan, for students to understand globalism, they must first learn about privilege and structural inequities. The lesson plan taught students that “people who benefit from privilege are unaware of the existence of the benefits they receive through their status.”

One of the learning objectives contained in the curriculum is to ensure that students “understand and can advocate for the principles of Black Lives Matter.” In other words, BLM is recruiting and indoctrinating public school children as soldiers for the cause. I bet the ultimate goal is to have these kids out in the streets rioting, looting, and starting fires in the neighborhood the next time the organization sends out the call.



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