Rogan Roasts Left for Courting ‘Lazy and Fat’ Americans

The left has been very busy in recent years. They have been busy redefining words, controlling narratives, and convincing weak-minded people that their weaknesses are actually their strengths. Suddenly exercise is racist, men can menstruate, and obesity is beautiful and healthy. Hard work? Forget it! Just let the government make sure everyone gets the same even if they don’t work for it. Sound familiar in 2023? Of course, we know this never works, but it’s mostly the people that don’t want to work that they are appealing to. Recently on his podcast, Joe Rogan and his guest comedian Bridget Phetasy took a blowtorch to the plans of the Democrats to lure certain segments of people to their side like children into a white, windowless van. Check this out.

Speaking with comedian Bridget Phetasy, the pair zeroed in on the recent trend among liberals for saying that freedom of speech is a “far-right” ideal. Phetasy added that liberals are even claiming that health is partisan, saying, “Aren’t they connecting being healthy to the far-right now?”

“I’ve seen so many articles that are like ‘oh the far-right obsession with being in shape,’ like it’s a bad thing somehow” Phetasy added, according to the New York Post.

It’s true that exercise has been called racist and far-right. The truth is exercise is the one thing anyone can do regardless of race, gender, or economic status. It doesn’t cost a damn thing to take a walk or do a sit up. However, look in the window of most any clothing shop and what do you see? Fat models and fat mannequins making obesity look glamourous. Rogan didn’t hold back:

“There’s a giant percentage of our population that is really lazy and fat, and if you want those people on your team you have to say, ‘There’s nothing wrong with being lazy and fat, in fact; not being lazy and fat is actually connected to misogyny, racism, and fascism, and the far right’ – so people are like, ‘Great, let’s just eat donuts and just f–king vote blue,” Rogan added.

The truth is, the left doesn’t care about people, they just want the power, and the only way to keep the power is to get the votes. Tell people what they want to hear, especially if it means sugar coating (pun intended) their shortcomings and you can persuade those folks to take the path of least resistance, which apparently is laying on the couch and eating ice cream.

Phetasy added that Americans are probably too fat to fight each other in a civil war at this point.

Rogan though went on to insist that there is a difference between people who are lazy and fat and people who work hard yet make bad health choices. And he noted that the Democrats are trying to put an end to hard work.

“Well, who is pushing for universal basic income? Who is pushing for redistribution of wealth? That’s all the people on the left,” Rogan said.

I’m reminded of a song in the early 90’s by the British band “Crowded House”.

“The excess of fat on your American bones will cushion the impact as you sink like a stone.”

Was that a prophecy? It remains to be seen how far we will fall, but if the Democrats have their say there will be plenty of fat on those bones, but I doubt enough to cushion the impact.

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