Shocking Video! Florida Student Assaults Female Teacher for Taking His Nintendo Switch

Our schools are getting out of control. If it isn’t so-called educators pushing political, racist, or overtly sexual content, then it’s out of control kids that have no fear of discipline. Another example happened recently at a Florida high school. A student knocked out and assaulted a female para-educator for taking his Nintendo Switch video game. The shocking, brutal assault was caught on camera. Check this out.

A 17-year-old student at Matanzas High School in Palm Coast, Florida was arrested Tuesday after he shoved a teacher’s aide so hard she flew in the air several feet. He then pounded her head into the floor, all because she took his Nintendo Switch away from him during class, according to police. He later spit on the victim and said when he comes back he would kill her, police said.

Video shows the 6 foot, six inch, 270 pound student raced after the woman, sent her flying across the floor and knocking her unconscious when she landed on her head. The student then kicked and repeatedly punched the victim in the head and body as she was knocked out until he was dragged away by several school employees and students.

A brutal attack like this could have killed the female para, and for what? A Nintendo Switch? Clearly there is a lack of discipline in the home. Kids who have been raised to respect authority generally don’t act like this. Since there is no real fear of authority or repercussions at the school level, these kids believe they can get away with literally almost murder.

The student was escorted from the area and later placed in custody. The 17-year-old student was transported to the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility and later turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice. The student has been charged with Felony Aggravated Battery with Bodily Harm.

“The actions of this student are absolutely horrendous and completely uncalled for,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “We hope the victim will be able to recover, both mentally and physically, from this incident. Thankfully, students and staff members came to the victim’s aid before the SRDs could arrive. Our schools should be a safe place – for both employees and students.”

“Creating a safe learning and working environment on our campuses is critical. Violence is never an
appropriate reaction,” said Flagler Schools Superintendent Cathy Mittelstadt.

The 17-year-old should be charged as an adult for a crime like this. He is clearly the size of an adult, and allegedly threatened to kill the para when he comes back, which should be never. If the administration and law enforcement are serious about controlling and preventing this type of violence, then they need to move swiftly and punish harshly.

People want to complain about gun violence and school shootings but offer no solutions to violence like this. Many on the left would prefer police be removed from the schools completely. What then? What if this student had chosen to finish what he started? More police in schools, more discipline at home, and harsher punishment for incidents like this are the solution to keep our schools from becoming war zones.

Featured image screen grab from embedded Youtube video

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