Sour Lemon: CNN Host Smears New York Post As “Uncredible”

Don Lemon’s descent into madness continued Tuesday as he delayed commercial break (the best part of the show) and went on an unhinged rant following co-host Kaitlin Collins’ interview with Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., about Republican investigations into Hunter’s laptop. Lemon continued with a rant and incredulous reaction to the very idea that Americans consider the New York Post as “credible”. Check this out.

“That’s the time that we’re in, where facts are sort of flexible and you just throw things out there ­– citing uncredible sources, like citing The New York Post as a credible source and saying that facts are – it’s just, I can’t believe that we’re here,” Lemon said Tuesday.

Lemon hilariously doesn’t take into account that the NYP was actually CORRECT about Biden’s laptop. They were the only news source to even touch the story before Twitter shut it down before the election. Lemon also doesn’t mention that the network he works for famously peddled fake Russian collusion stories during the balance of President Trumps tenure. Oh, and let’s not forget how Don Lemon himself helped spread Jussie Smollett’s fake hate crime story in 2019. Lemon labeling any news outlet as “uncredible” is hypocrisy of the highest order.

The Post’s reporting on Hunter’s laptop in 2020 is among the most substantial pieces of journalism of the past decade. Moreover, unlike bombshells via the New York Times, The Post has not had to retract or correct its original information.

In fact, competing outlets have since substantiated The Post’s details. That includes — wait for it — Don Lemon’s own employer, CNN.

Specifically, CNN authenticated emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop in July 2022, information The Post first reported.

Looking deeper, there are motives for Lemon to attempt to discredit the Post. Just days ago, they published a piece on Lemon himself with details regarding an incident where he yelled at his co-host for talking over him. Lemon still thinks he is the star of the show, despite being relegated to his current slot. According to the Post article, Lemon is a diva and notoriously hard to work with.

Last Thursday, The Post posted an article detailing an incident in which Lemon verbally abused his co-host Kaitlan Collins for purportedly speaking over him.

CNN has not denied the report. And the details confirm suspicions that Lemon is an unhinged bigot, who despite his failures, considers himself “the Beyoncé of CNN.”

“Don’s a bossy guy and difficult to work with — even he would admit that,” a source told the outlet. “He was a solo act before. He doesn’t want to be in Destiny’s Child.”

The New York Post humiliated Don Lemon. He’s now out for revenge. But he miscalculated in his response.

He targeted an outlet A) far more credible than his, and B) on a topic, Hunter Biden, Lemon himself misreported on in 2020.

“Journalists” like Don Lemon make legends like Walter Cronkite roll over in their graves. The state of the mainstream media is so broken that actual fake news outlets like CNN aren’t held responsible for their false narratives, half-truths and slanted viewpoint, but an outlet like the New York Post, which has been verifiably correct about everything is called “uncredible”. The truth eventually comes out, and more often than not it is coming out of The Post, not Don Lemon and CNN.


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