Texas High School Students Pitch In To Help 80-Year-Old Unretired Janitor Retire Again

It’s tough living in Joe Biden’s America. Under President Trump, the economy was humming, our 401k’s were fat, and times were good. Then covid came along and even worse so did Joe Biden, and the rest has been a crap-fest ever since. Now, our retirements are taking the hit, people are cutting back and often getting second or third jobs, and we are all just trying to ride out the storm until 2024. In some cases, people are actually un-retiring and going back to work. It’s sad considering everyone deserves the opportunity to stop working and live the rest of their life, but bad economic times and rising costs dictate otherwise. For an 80-year-old high school janitor in Texas, coming out of retirement was a necessity. However, the good people of Callisburg High School weren’t having any of it. Check this out.

Three high school students in Callisburg, Texas, helped out a struggling custodian in a really special way.

Once the Callisburg High School students learned that Mr. James un-retired in January after he was having a hard time paying his bills, they set up a GoFundMe page on Feb. 15, to help the 80-year-old janitor out.

“At first, the goal was $10,000 — and we know that $10,000 really isn’t anything these days — but we’re hoping that whatever we can get can give him a little bit more cushion,” senior Marti Yousko told NBC affiliate KTEN.

We see and hear so many stories about trash teenagers who only worry about themselves. Social media has created a generation that is more concerned with “likes” and “shares” than actual character. The kids at this school, especially the three that took note and organized the safety net for their janitor ooze character.

Principal Jason Hooper told the station that he knew that Mr. James was having a hard time as well.

“He shared with me his rent within a year has gone up nearly $400, and he just couldn’t afford to continue paying without going back to work,” he explained.

So everyone started to pitch in, especially the kids who saw him working again after they knew that he had already retired.

“When I saw him in the hall, it broke my heart,” senior Greyson Thurman said. “Nobody at that age should be working; they should be living the rest of their life, you know?”

Social media, for all the damage it can do can also be harnessed for good. Once word of the school janitor hit TikTok, the ten-thousand-dollar goal not only seemed possible, but it also seemed small.

Rent nationwide has gone through the roof. Mostly because of the moratorium on rent and evictions imposed during covid, but also because of the bad policy of the Biden administration. Landlords have costs they have to cover like everyone else, so like any business they pass the cost along to the end consumer. Sadly, not all end consumers can afford those extra costs. Especially those on fixed incomes.

Thurman also posted a TikTok video of Mr. James working in the halls of his school. On top of the video, he explained the janitor’s situation and wrote, “Let’s help Mr. James out!”

Thurman captioned the clip, “My classmates and I hate seeing Mr. James here, no one his age should have to be cleaning our messes up to continue to live.”

One week after setting up the GoFundMe page, the three students learned that they had surpassed their goal, raising a total of $270,905 for Mr. James.

Thurman wrote on TikTok, thanking everyone on behalf of Mr. James:

 I think God did this to show that no matter how much evil there is good will always show it’s self! Mr. James thanks you all!! God bless yall!”

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