Veep Bashed for Bragging Biden Has Lowered Heating and Electric Bills, RNC Blows Up Narrative With Facts

Since the Biden/Harris disaster of an administration has no real accomplishments to tout, Vice-failure Kamala Harris Wednesday touted lower heat and electric bills that would allow Americans to “buy extra school supplies or take that vacation they’ve always wanted.”

Obviously, everyone knows that is either misinformation or a bald-faced lie, but that never stops Joe or Kamala from telling people the sky is blue when in fact the clouds have gathered, and it is pouring the rain.

Social media users ridiculed Vice President Kamala Harris for claiming that the Biden administration has lowered “heating and electricity bills” so they can buy extra school supplies or take that vacation they’ve always wanted.

Twitter critics called her out for the claim, stating she was describing an “alternate reality” or “lying” to the American people, who are still feeling the economic pain that has characterized the two years the Biden administration has been in office.

During remarks the vice president gave Wednesday at Bowie State University in Maryland, she touted the economic relief that she and her boss Joe Biden have supposedly provided to American families.

School supplies are expensive enough when the economy is roaring, and bills are under control. This summer when back to school shopping starts, parents may have to take out second mortgages to afford it. The vacation? Forget about that. Unless Kamala’s idea of a vacation is going to the public park. Maybe she meant to say “stay-cation”. The question remains, does she believe the lies or is she just dishonest? Thankfully Twitter and the RNC are always on hand to call out the liars.

Harris stated, “For working families, we have reduced heating and electricity bills so folks have more money in their pockets to buy things like schools supplies, replace the dishwasher or take a family vacation.”

Again, viewers were not buying Harris’ boast. The RNC provided a quick fact check of the statement, tweeting, “What is she talking about? Electricity is up 11.9%, fuel oil is up 27.7%, and natural gas is up 26.7% over last year.”

RNC rapid response director Tommy Pigott surmised, “Either Harris knows she is lying and doesn’t care, or is so completely out of touch she thinks this flat-out lie is true.”

The Biden administration has spent the last two years assuring American’s that they have more money in the bank, and everything is going well despite soaring prices at the pump, in the grocery and just about everywhere else regular Americans have to pull out their debit cards. The only ones that appear to be doing well economically happen to have the last name Biden.

GOP congressman Marc Molinaro, R-N.Y., claimed upstate New York’s heating and electric bills aren’t going down. He stated, “Costs continue to break too many families, farmers and small businesses in upstate NY. Heating and electric bills have never been higher because of failed energy policies & reckless spending. Americans need relief.”

Conservative influencer David Wolfe wrote, “If her mouth is moving, she’s mumbling an unintelligible word salad of lies.”

Rep. Tom Tiffany, R-Wis., slammed Harris, tweeting, “At this point, does Kamala just like lying to the American people or is she really that detached from reality?”

The lawmaker added that electricity is up “11.9%” and that natural gas is “26.7%” more expensive.

Count on Twitter to do what it does best since Elon took over, which is to call out lying Democrats. There is little else we can do. Joe and Kamala will continue lying and painting a rosy picture, even as we inch closer to economic disaster and World War 3. Better get that vacation in before it happens. Worry about school supplies and the dishwasher later.


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