Video: Savage Clown Trolls Austin City Council Over Power Outages

Sometimes you have to go to extremes to make your point. Whether it’s yelling and screaming (not effective Democrats), or making demonstrative hand gestures, or even a strongly worded email or letter, at times you have to shock people to get their attention. Or you can dress like a clown and make a sarcastic, hilarious appeal to the Austin City Council for a job running the energy company. Yea, I like that better. None of the previous methods may work, but at least the clown was entertaining! Check this out.

A recent power outage in Austin, Texas, resulted in huge bills for Austin Energy customers, leaving the Austin City Council to hear criticism from upset community members at a city council meeting.

One man took advantage of the public comment portion, ironically criticizing the Austin Energy company while wearing a rainbow wig, with clown makeup and clown attire.

Before we rush to judge, the rainbow wig was actually a staple of clown culture before the lgbtq community hijacked everything rainbow for their cause. While no one respects clown culture, this wannabe clown took a blow torch to the Austin City Council.

“My mother told me to dress for the job that you want to have, and that’s why I’m here today, because I would like to be the CEO of Austin Energy,” the mysterious clown continued.

“We need leaders who align with our priorities, and right now, our number-one priority is fighting climate change,” the man said, beginning a diatribe filled with liberal stereotypes. “We need to get zero by 2030, and honestly, if we are ever going to achieve these goals, you shouldn’t be using power at all.”

The snarky clown continued, using every trope and cliche in the liberal playbook to drive home his point; customers shouldn’t be financially responsible for the company failing to provide their service. Utility bills are through the roof, if you even have one under Joe Biden, and additional costs that aren’t for energy usage shouldn’t be passed on to consumers when company executives are making six-figure salaries.

“I also took a 23 and Me test and found out that I am 3% black, so not hiring me would be a literal act of violence,” he continued.

“Anyway, if I could get a recommendation to be the CEO of Austin Energy, I would really appreciate it,” he concluded before honking a clown horn.

It is unclear whether “Chuckles” will get the job or not, but his point was driven home. Austin Energy is taking their customers for a ride, charging them for repairs and services they shouldn’t have to pay for.

Other Austin residents have been told that despite the majority of power outages being fixed, they may be responsible for the remainder of damages to get their power back on. Images posted by Austin Energy appear to indicate that while the company is responsible for damage to energy meters, the customer is responsible for the encasement, fuses, and circuit breakers.

This is big corporate greed, and if it takes Ronald McDonald’s third cousin, twice removed by marriage to make the point, all the better. If it is hilarious and entertains us, then even better still. The point is, this clown made his point, exposed Austin Energy, and smashed the left, all in one amazing viral video. Doesn’t get more entertaining than that.




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