Yellowstone Hits Snag, Unsure of Return

There has been much buzz and anticipation for the second half of the season of Yellowstone, but it’s starting to look like there might be some issues with filming the remainder of the season. The Taylor Sheridan hit that has rewritten streaming records without featuring woke themes or obvious virtue signaling has spawned numerous offshoots, including 1883 and 1923 which detail how the Dutton family got to where they are in the current Yellowstone. Unfortunately, because of issues with star Kevin Coster regarding his availability and desire to film, things might be on hold for a while. Check this out.

It doesn’t look like “Yellowstone” will return to filming as scheduled.

Fans are eagerly waiting for status updates after a shocking report claimed Kevin Costner might be on his way out. If he does leave the show, Paramount is expected to pursue Matthew McConaughey for a show with several members of the original “Yellowstone” cast.

In the short term, the hit series is supposed to return this summer for the second half of season five.

However, it sounds like there might be an issue with the timeline. The Hollywood Reporter reported shooting is supposed to resume in March, but it’s “looking increasingly doubtful” shooting will start as scheduled amid all the ongoing issues.

If the show doesn’t shoot as scheduled, there’s a chance its return could be delayed. That means instead of getting the rest of season five this summer, it might not show up until the fall.

Considering production and editing, a March to summer turnaround is challenging enough, but if Costner isn’t available to carry on as family patriarch (can we still say that word) John Dutton, then the show may not even get a conclusion to season 5. If someone like McConaughey steps in, then there will undoubtedly be numerous plot lines and details rewritten to make it believable.

THR also reported Costner leaving wouldn’t immediately result in the plug being pulled. So, there’s at least one piece of good news.

One thing is certain, producers shouldn’t sit on the decision and the second half of the season too long. Television has so many choices, and America’s attention span is so short that viewers could just move on with their lives instead of waiting. Is anyone excited for the new “Ted Lasso” almost three years later?

Having the prequels in place certainly helps keep viewers engaged. 1883 was a depressing, bleak story of the trek west, and 1923 showcases Harrison Ford and Hellen Mirren as well as an excellent side story set in Africa. Problem is, how many branches in the Dutton family tree are left to be explored? You certainly can’t go into the future, so the series will eventually need to be tied together and have a nice bow on it. Without Kevin Costner or the second half of season 5, things will feel incomplete no matter who they bring in.

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