71-Year-Old Pizza Shop Owner Shows True Courage In Showdown With Armed 19-Year-Old Robber Who Shot His Family

The 71-year-old owner of a pizza shop in Philadelphia demonstrated what true courage looks like by going toe-to-toe with a 19-year-old armed robber who shot both his wife and daughter in the restaurant Wednesday evening. Other employees and customers help the man take down the shooter. Folks, this is why it pays to know basic self-defense both unarmed and armed. The world we live in these days is becoming an increasingly dangerous place thanks in large part to the soft-on-crime policies of the radical left.

” Police said a 19-year-old man walked into the family-owned and -operated Mayfair Pizza in the 7400 block of Frankford Avenue in the city’s Holmesburg neighborhood and asked for money while pointing a gun at employees,” WTXF-TV reported, according to TheBlaze.

Authorities revealed that the suspect involved in the incident fired off three shots inside the establishment. A 66-year-old woman was wounded in the stomach, and her daughter, 34, was hit in the shoulder. Both were employees working in the shop.

After that, the shop’s owner, the father and husband of the victims, immediately jumped into action.

“The owner, who’s the husband and father of these females that were shot, actually struggled with our 19-year-old perpetrator,” Chief Inspector Scott Small said to local news outlet WPVI. “And other employees, and one or two other customers, actually helped subdue the 19-year-old shooter until police arrived on location.”

Steve Keeley, the morning news reporter for WTXF, the 71-year-old man managed to get the firearm away from the suspect.

The victims were then taken to Jefferson Torresdale Hospital and were last reported to be in stable condition. As of this writing, the identity of the suspect has not been revealed.

Small spoke with the Philadelphia Inquirer, saying that the suspect didn’t need to be taken to the hospital, however, he was taken into custody by law enforcement officers. He then stated that the cops located three spent shell casings and a large amount of money on the floor of the shop.

“Very, very brave,” Small said of the pizza shop owner and the folks who helped him subdue the shooter. “we’re very, very fortunate that our two victims are stable and nobody else was shot.” 


Officers who responded to the shooting found the weapon and witnesses are currently being interviewed as part of the investigation.

This situation could have been so much worse. Thankfully, people looked out for one another and wouldn’t allow this deplorable criminal to get away with his crime. However, you cannot always count on the help of others in a situation like this. It’s best if we open up laws so good citizens like this man can own a firearm of their own to protect their life, liberty, and property.

Our Second Amendment exists for just that purpose. By creating gun control laws that are strict in nature and infringe on the right to bear arms, what we are doing is creating a greater pool of potential victims for criminals who care little for the law and usually come by their weapons illegally.

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