Again? Another Ohio Train Derailment for Norfolk Southern

What’s up with the railroad industry? Rail travel is vital for goods to be transported around the nation, yet we keep having derailments. Thankfully, the latest wasn’t as serious as the East Palestine derailment that caused an environmental disaster in Ohio and exposed Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden as the ineffectual leaders we already knew they were, but answers and solutions are still needed.

What is causing this? The left attempted and failed in blaming Donald Trump for regulations that were rolled back, so the current administration has to own the failures of the rail industry and figure out a solution before another east Palestine situation. Will it happen? Doubtful. Lets look at the Norfolk Southern derailment.

A Norfolk Southern cargo train derailed near Springfield on Saturday night, the second loss of the company’s trains in Ohio in a month.

Unlike February’s devastating derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, a company spokesperson assured the Columbus Dispatch no potentially harmful chemicals were involved.

The train, which did not have passengers, derailed at around 5pm near the Clark County Fairgrounds, the Dispatch report detailed.

What is the potential loss of life if a passenger train were involved? An equally vital question that must be answered is why is this happening? Joe Biden and mayor Pete have to step up and find answers. Doubtful they will until significant loss of life is involved.

Shelter in place orders have been issued to nearby residents amongst reports of power outages,  the Clark County Emergency Management said.

Springfield is about 46 miles west of the state capital of Columbus, Ohio.

The 20 cars of the 212-car train derailed while traveling south, the Norfolk Southern spokesperson said.

Shawn Heaton told the Springfield News-Sun he was waiting at the intersection as the train crossed the intersection and captured the start of the derailment on video.

He said: I was right there and I was playing on my phone and then I heard a loud bang. And when I heard the loud bang, I started recording.

When I heard the bang, there was all kinds of debris and metal shoot out from under the cars and that’s when I started recording and you could see them start jumping off the tracks.

How bad of an environmental disaster or how much loss of life has to happen before this administration decides to take a long, hard look at the rail industry? Part of the reason East Palestine was largely ignored until President Trump visited was allegedly because that is a white, Trump supporting area of Ohio. The hags on “The View” even went as far as to suggest they deserved it because they voted for Trump. Railroads tend to run through small, middle American towns, and they do not deserve environmental disasters because of political affiliation. Norfolk Southern and the Biden administration must be held accountable for these failing, and action must be taken before something happens that makes East Palestine look like a day in the park.


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