Avril Lavigne Says “See Ya Later” to Topless Protester at Canadian Juno Awards

While Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne was presenting during the Juno Awards ceremony in Edmonton, Canada on Monday night, things got a little out of “hand” when a topless woke protester stormed the stage. The protester had woke phrases written all over her body and was attempting to make a statement when Lavigne intervened. The pop star immediately told the streaker to “get the f*** off!” twice, before security finally jumped on stage and had her removed.

The incident quickly made headlines and sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with many people taking to Facebook and Twitter to express their opinions on the matter. While some praised Lavigne for her quick response and for standing up against the protester, others criticized her for using foul language and for being disrespectful. Nonetheless, the incident has once again highlighted the ongoing debate around the use of protests to make a statement and the boundaries of free speech.

The 38-year-old hitmaker was introducing Canadian-Punjabi singer AP Dhillon’s performance when a topless woman in pink sweatpants and a matching headscarf unexpectedly walked on stage at Rogers Place in Edmonton, Canada.

The woman’s breasts were covered with heart-shaped pasties, and she had messages including “save the green belt,” “stop logging old growth now” and “land back” written on her arms and back. At first, the Canada native ignored the woman and continued with her speech. 

For Lavigne, the incident was a stark reminder of the challenges that come with being in the public eye and the pressure to navigate a complex social and political landscape. As a successful musician and public figure, Lavigne has long been an advocate for various causes and has used her platform to raise awareness on issues such as mental health and Lyme disease.

However, the incident at the Juno Awards ceremony shows that even the most well-intentioned actions can be met with controversy and backlash. Or mostly bare breasts and jiggles and giggles.

“Get the f— off,” the eight-time Grammy nominee told the protester.

“Get the f— off b—-,” Lavigne added with a laugh as the woman was escorted away by security.

Described as Canada’s equivalent of the Grammy Awards, the Juno Awards, presented by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, recognize the country’s artists for their outstanding achievements in music.

Lavigne referenced the incident later when she won the final award of the night. While accepting the fan choice award for the fourth time in her career, she opened her speech with a facetious warning.

“Now, nobody try anything this time, or the Canadian is going to come out of me, and I’ll f— up a b—-,” Lavigne joked.

I wouldn’t try Lavigne on that, she was married to the lead singer of Nickelback after all. The weird protests continue, but at least Canada’s are interesting. At least they aren’t burning down their cities or gluing their hands to Starbuck counters. That’s all America!

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