Biden Roasted on Twitter for Tweeting Cringeworthy Fake Letter From a Little Girl About the Alleged “Wage Gap”

Joe Biden has told a lot of whoppers during his presidency, but his latest might be his LEAST believable, and that is quite an accomplishment when you factor in all the straight up, verifiable lies he has told. From stories about meeting Rosie the Riveter, to presenting his dead Uncle Frank a Purple Heart, old Joe has really punched up the truth.

This time, in an effort to pull at our heart strings and virtue signal at the same time, Joe Tweeted a picture of an alleged handwritten note from a young girl addressing the fake wage gap between men and women. Check this out.

President Biden tweeted a handwritten letter he allegedly received from a little girl asking him to “fix” the gender wage gap Tuesday. The internet scorched him for it, with many suggesting it was fake.

A screenshot of the error-riddled letter read, “Dear Presitent Biden: I just wanted to tell something not fair to ladies. Men are getting more money then girls. I think you should fix this. Since your the presitent. Even I’m a child and I think we should do something.”

If there is indeed a wage gap (there isn’t), the young lady that wrote this will almost certainly be making less until she learns how to spell. As a parent, you know when you hear something from a child’s mouth that can directly be traced back to adults. If a child really did write this (likely not), it was at the behest of an adult.

The most likely scenarios? Maybe Karine Jean-Pierre is asking for a raise? Just kidding, of course, as she is not as eloquent as the fake child that wrote this letter. Perhaps Mayor Pete needs a raise and wrote the letter on the down low, since he is clearly the wife in his relationship. Too mean? Do we need to check the basement of the White House? Biden responded in a Tweet:

“Charlotte, I couldn’t agree more. Women lose thousands of dollars each year, and hundreds of thousands over a lifetime, because of gender and racial wage gaps,” he wrote. “I’m committed to building an economy where my daughters have the same rights and opportunities as my sons.”

Women are losing way more than money under poopy-pants Biden. They are losing athletic opportunities, scholarships, beauty pageants, and awards to sneaky dudes in makeup and dresses. It also would appear that Joe’s son is doing pretty well for himself, but we already knew that. His daughter? Not so much, but it isn’t because of a wage gap. Social media did its thing, of course.

“Lmfao this is so fake that it’s embarrassing Biden’s handlers even thought anyone would think it was real,” State Freedom Caucus Network Comms Director Greg Price tweeted.

“Sooo, they have staff writing fake notes from children to Biden now… lol,” author and comedian Tim Young wrote.

“Which of your staffers held the pencil in the wrong hand to write this?” The Post Millennial photojournalist Beth Baisch asked.

Software engineer Billy Markus wrote, “looks super real and totally not fake.”

The conservative commentator and comedy duo the Hodgetwins tweeted, “People actually believe this s—?”

“Holy load of bull, Batman,” MRCTV managing editor Brittany Hughes tweeted.

“1)This letter is so fake that its embarrassing,” former congressional nominee Luke Negron said. “2)The wage gap is even more fake. When you factor in job choice, willingness to work nights/weekends, job danger etc, there is no wage gap. Your ‘wage gap’ comes from comparing a part time female teacher to a full time male engineer.”

“Just tell Charlotte to become non-binary. Problem solved,” radio host Kim Klacik tweeted, while WalkAway campaign founder Brandon Straka similarly said, “Just tell Charlotte she’s a boy. Problem solved.”

Absolute savagery. Someone should be advising Biden a little better when it comes to social media. The left loves to perpetuate deep-fakes, hoaxes, and lies, but even Russia-Gate was more believable than this.


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