Biological Man Wins New York Women’s Bicycle Race; Critics React

A 46-year-old biological man won the New York women’s cycling event that was held last Sunday, just one week after a 35-time winner on the women’s national cyclocross circuit announced retirement after she finished in fourth place, smack in the middle of two men who were in third and fifth places. It’s ridiculous that this is even a thing in our modern-day. The whole transgender issue should not even be a problem, but progressives are constantly looking for ways to creatively disturb and disrupt the status quo in order to rip the nation apart and make it easier to enforce their twisted agenda on people.

Tiffany Thomas, a biologist, won the Randall’s Island Crit last Saturday, which is a Crit race, or criterium, which is a “mass start, multi-lap event contested on a closed course where laps are typically a mile or less and include 4-6 corners,” USA Cycling explains.

“Tiffany is a scientist by day, athlete by night,” Thomas’ bio for LA Sweat, Thomas’ sponsor says. “Her favorite organ [is] the blood cells. You will never see anyone with a bigger smile than when she sees a beautiful electron microscopy picture of a red cell. She has never met a barbell, a bike, or a dog that she doesn’t like. She is so incredibly excited to race and represent the LA Sweat team this year!!!”

As it stands, the oldest teammate on Thomas’ LA Sweat team is a 32-year-old woman.

“Tiffany’s teammates are all between the ages of 24 and 32. Amazing that Tiffany can keep up with them at the age of 46 after only starting cycling at age 40!” one critic railed.

Another critic said, “Tiffany Thomas has been on countless podiums, going from a total beginner to the elite level in just 5 years.”

“I reached out to USA CRITS, and asked them what’s their position and they weren’t willing to come out and say we support transgender athletes,” Thomas stated last year, according to The Daily Wire. “Their position was ‘we’ll follow whatever USA cycling says.’ They fell back on that; it got a little weird. But it’s ‘do you think that transgender athletes maybe shouldn’t race (unintelligible)’ and they’re saying that to a transgender athlete. That’s really not okay. At the end of the day, it’s not up to the women’s field to self-police and just shut that out; I think the race promoters have an obligation to be proactive and make sure that it’s not okay.”

Just last week, in an amicus brief, filed with the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, in support of West Virginia and the Save Women’s Sports law, cyclist Hannah Arensmen said, “Over the past few years, I have had to race directly with male cyclists in women’s events. As this has become more of a reality, it has become increasingly discouraging to train as hard as I do only to have to lose to a man with the unfair advantage of an androgenized body that intrinsically gives him an obvious advantage over me, no matter how hard I train.”

“I have decided to end my cycling career,” Arensman went on to explain. “At my last race at the recent UCI Cyclocross National Championships in the elite women’s category in December 2022, I came in 4th place, flanked on either side by male riders awarded 3rd and 5th places. My sister and family sobbed as they watched a man finish in front of me, having witnessed several physical interactions with him throughout the race. Additionally, it is difficult for me to think about the very real possibility I was overlooked for an international selection on the US team at Cyclocross Worlds in February 2023 because of a male competitor.”

“Moving forward, I feel for young girls learning to compete and who are growing up in a day when they no longer have a fair chance at being the new record,” she finished.

If you are a biological man, you do not belong in women’s sports. Period. You will always have an unfair advantage over the females in the sport. The muscles are bigger. The bones are more dense. The strength is uneven by large quantities. Can we please just go back to basic science?

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