Bombshell Report Reveals British Lockdown Officer Sought To ‘Frighten Pants’ Off Country, Asked About Deploying ‘New Variant’

Newly leaked messages have revealed that British Health Minister Matt Hancock — who might be one of the sickest human beings alive on earth at the moment — sought to “frighten the pants” off the whole nation in order to scare residents into compliance with sweeping policies concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a series of 100,000 leaked messages from among senior officials within the government of the United Kingdom.

And guess what? While we don’t necessarily have email messages like this as evidence, you can guarantee there were quite a few left-wing politicians here in our own backyard employing similar strategies as a means of justifying policies measures related to lockdown procedures that would strip Americans of their fundamental, constitutionally protected rights.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had vowed that citizens would be able to reunite with their loved ones during the Christmas season of 2020, leading to concerns among officials that the administration would receive backlash over continued lockdowns. Hancock, a fellow member of the Conservative Party, and Damon Poole, his media adviser, expressed frustration that complication with Brexit, the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, was ‘taking the top line’ in the news and distracting from the danger of the virus,” the Daily Wire said in a brand new report on the leaked messages.

The report continued, “The officials agreed to declare a new strain of COVID called Alpha or Kent, according to a report from The Telegraph. Isabel Oakeshott, a journalist who assisted Hancock with writing his memoir about the response to the pandemic, had leaked the communications to the outlet.”

“Rather than doing too much forward signaling, we can roll pitch with the new strain,” Poole stated on December 13, 2020. “We frighten the pants [off] everyone with the new strain,” Hancock replied, leading Poole to concur that the move “will get proper [behavior] change.”

Hancock later went on to ask when they should “deploy the new variant,” which is a rather sinister statement to make. Poole replied by saying that “we need to be more cautious” in order to prevent implicating schools in future lockdowns.

As was the case with many other nations across the globe, lockdowns and other public health policies supposedly designed to help curb the spread of the coronavirus ended up devastating the economy and overall well-being of the United Kingdom. Aside from the fast collapse of gross domestic product they suffered following the lockdowns that took place during the spring of 2020, inflation in the UK is still extremely high, hovering around 8.8 percent year-over-year because of the disruptions to the supply chain, says data from the Office of National Statistics.

Johnson and other officials started to reverse mask mandates and lockdowns as late as the summer of 2021. Conservative members of Parliament had nevertheless already grown skeptical of the mandates and balked at a plan to implement regional tiered lockdowns in December 2020. Hancock and Allan Nixon, a parliamentary adviser for the British Department of Health, sought to whip votes in support of the tiered system, including the blockage of projects in the constituencies represented by noncompliant lawmakers,” the Daily Wire report said.

“One of those projects was a new center for children with learning disabilities in Bury, Greater Manchester, an area represented by Conservative lawmaker James Daly. Nixon suggested that whips could ‘call him up’ and inform him that the initiative would be ‘off the table if he rebels,'” the report continued.

“These guys’ re-election hinges on us in a lot of instances, and we know what they want. We should seriously consider using it,” Nixon added. “Yes 100%,” Hancock responded.

Hancock received counsel from British Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty back in November 2020, which suggested that he replace mandatory two-week COVID quarantine policy for folks who had tested positive for the coronavirus and those they made contact with five days of testing due to the fact the move would “imply we’ve been getting it wrong.”

Because you had been getting it wrong. Duh.

Hancock then whined on Nov. 17, 2020, that the new measure would seem like a “massive loosening” despite the fact Whitty told him that models were suggesting that five days of testing would be “pretty well as good.”

“Between the day the message was sent and August 16, 2021, when exemptions from self-isolation were unveiled, some eight million people were marked as contacts of positive cases and told to quarantine. More than 20 million people had been told to self-isolate before the policy was entirely dropped in February 2022,” the report stated.


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