Both Sides of the Aisle Have Bad Idea of Invading Mexico To Battle the Cartels

Had any bad ideas lately? As it turns out, dumb ideas aren’t always the domain of the left.Republican Senator Tom Cotton has suggested that the US military may need to intervene in Mexico if the Mexican government fails to protect American citizens within its borders from drug cartels.

Cotton’s comments came after President Donald Trump offered via Twitter to help Mexico “wipe them off the face of the earth” against drug cartels, and the murder of an American Mormon family by cartel gunmen near the US border. However, Democratic US Senate candidate Joshua Mahony of Fayetteville cautioned against “taking matters into our own hands”.

Mexico’s government declared war on the drug cartel in 2006, which led to an increase in violent crime and drug flow, and unilateral military action by the US would come at a cost, according to Terence Garrett, a professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

It is unreal that members of our government would even consider an invasion of our neighbor to the south instead of just securing the border like President Trump was doing before open-borders-Biden declared open season for drug runners and illegals. Check this out.

“It is a terrible news story about the loss of two American lives and other two wounded,” Cotton said. “Lindsey Graham is right, though. We’re losing 100,000 Americans every single year to drug deaths almost exclusively because of Mexican drug cartels. If the Mexican government will not or cannot stop these cartels from killing hundreds of thousands of Americans, then America should.”

The vast majority of fentanyl comes from China, then travels across our open border via the swarms of illegals overwhelming our border patrol. Considering that, are we considering invading China? If the drugs are coming from China, shouldn’t we address the source?

Perhaps an attempt should be made to stem the flow of migrants that are carrying this poison into our country. All the efforts of Donald Trump, and many were working, Joe Biden undid. What have the results been? Not good.

“And I get the question that you posed to me a lot from Arkansans, and I always turn around to the question to them, I will do it to your viewers, as well – if ISIS and al-Qaeda had set up shop in Juarez or Monterey or Tijuana, what would you expect your government to do if they were killing hundred thousands of Americans a year?” he continued. “Whatever that is, that is exactly what we should do to them in Mexico, with or without the Mexican government.”

“We have a long history of our military protecting us from these threats, from drug traffickers and narco-terrorists,” Cotton added. “We toppled an entire government in Panama in 1989 because of drug trafficking. It is well-known that special operation forces were present in Columbia in 1993 when Pablo Escobar was killed. It is well-known they were present a few years back when El Chapo was arrested in Mexico.”

What Graham, Cotton, and their ilk fail to take into account is you can’t tell the cartel from the citizens. It isn’t like they wear Cartel uniforms. It isn’t like all the fentanyl is in a giant warehouse with the word “fentanyl” painted on the roof. Mexico is a huge country full of mountainous terrain that we aren’t familiar with. An invasion into Mexico is a disaster waiting to happen, and a war that we likely wouldn’t win. How would that look to Russia and China if America got the smack down from Mexico?

We need a president that will secure the border, provide harsher penalties for American drug dealers, and put Mexico on notice that the open border policy is over. That isn’t Joe Biden, so for now we are left to entertain stupid ideas in the interim.


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