Climate Scientist Who Once Predicted Roads Would Melt Says Predictions ‘Were Not Wrong,’ Says Climate Activists Saved The World

One of the kookiest climate scientists on the planet who has been warning about climate change for over a decade now, says there’s still much work dot be done in order to stop the temperature of the earth from going up, up, and away, saying, “climate change is loading the weather dice” against the human race. So apparently, nature is a thinking, living breathing that wants to wipe us out in order to restore equilibrium to the world. Anyone else have a headache?

“Appearing on ‘PBS Newshour,’ a scientist from Texas Tech University, Katharine Hayhoe, discussed climate predictions and praised the work of the Paris climate agreement, alleging that it has slowed an increase in global temperatures by at least one degree,” TheBlaze reported. “Hayhoe commented on past false predictions, insisting that they were not actually wrong and would have been true if action had not been taken.”

“The previous predictions were not wrong. The uncertainty is us. The predictions were for what will happen depending on the choices we make,” Hayhoe commented. They weren’t, eh? Well, I don’t recall any roads melting, do you? Oh, that’s right. The reason no roads melted is because of all the brave and bold souls who fought tooth and nail to make changes so that the planet would cool off a degree. Please tell me this lady isn’t being for real.

“Prior to the Paris agreement in 2015, the world was heading towards a future that was between four to five degrees Celsius warmer than today,” she continued. Make it stop. Someone, anyone, just please….make it STOP.

“We have already, thanks to the Paris agreement, reduced the amount of change we can expect by policies enacted by at least one degree. But we still need more, because every bit of warming carries a cost with it,” the scientist went on to insist.

“Hayhoe has a long history of climate change predictions, stemming all the way back to 2011, when she was set to write a chapter in former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s book, until the chapter was scrapped,” the report said.

During that time, Hayhoe — let’s go! Little Ramones reference for those in the know — made it clear there is “no debate” concerning the reality of climate change, adding it’s a “fact that humans are the primary cause.”

Uh, yeah, no. It’s hardly settled science that human beings are the primary cause of temperature changes happening on earth.

In 2015, Hayhoe — let’s go! — stated that giving explanations for more data points was not the right approach to take for climate scientists, going on to make the claim that every person, deep down, in the pit of their souls, cares about climate change. Do we, though? Do we?

“More facts are not going to fix the problem,” she remarked in a meeting of climate scientists, later stating, “Nearly every human on the planet has the values they need to care about climate change. We just need to connect the dots.”

Then, in 2018, Hayhoe issued a warning about the planet’s increasing temperatures leading to droughts and even water scarcity.

“You see roads melting, airplanes not being able to take off, there’s not enough water,” Hayhoe said, which seems as crazy now as it did then.

Many scientists are still, to this very day, issuing warning after warning about rising temperatures leading to all sorts of disasters to come in the 2030s. They have to jump a decade in order to continue moving the goal posts back. See, when the 30s roll around and there still hasn’t been any of theses massive disasters they predicted, they can once again claim that it’s because climate activists helped thwart it, and on the merry-go-round goes.

Meanwhile, the government is abusing the issue in order to gain more control over the means of production through the use of fines — hidden taxes — covertly being passed and enacted under the cover of being regulations meant to reduce pollution and help stave off climate change.

Un real how many folks have fallen for this.

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