Colin Kaepernick’s Organization Exposed for Ties to Ben and Jerry’s Child Labor-Produced Ice Cream

Former mediocre NFL quarterback and famed grifter Colin Kaepernick recently partnered with another shady, wannabe Communist entity, Ben and Jerry’s to produce an “ice cream” to benefit charity. Naturally the charity is Kaepernick’s own “Know Your Rights Camp” Probably all on the up and up. What isn’t on the up and up is the failed ex quarterback’s partners, Ben and Jerry.

According to a recent report from the New York Times, Ben and Jerry have been up to no good in terms of their employment practices. The self avowed socialist duo pretend to support such diverse causes as voting rights, to lgbtq causes yet appear unfazed by the fact that they allegedly utilize migrant child labor in their factories. A perfect fit for Kaepernick! Check this out.

Former backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick partnered with Ben & Jerry’s to launch a non-dairy ice cream, “Change the Whirled.” The flavor supposedly honors “Colin’s activism in pursuit of racial justice.” 

Kaepernick sends his portions of the proceeds to the activism organization, Know Your Rights Camp. The organization, like Kaepernick, purports to fight injustices. Know Your Rights Camp prioritizes rights, not finances.

Except, of course, when it comes to using migrant child labor.

This week, a New York Times expose found that the supply chain for Ben & Jerry’s, among other corporations, relies heavily on labor from migrant children.

For starters, ice cream is NEVER non-dairy, so we should stop these ruthless Marxists right there. A nasty vegan ice cream is a waste of a paper container and a plastic spoon. Beyond that, it is a terrible look to be allegedly championing the less fortunate as well as self-proclaimed marginalized groups when in fact you are using kids to make your nasty, overpriced ice cream. Pretty par for the course from a pair of hippie wannabe socialists.

While Ben & Jerry’s enriches its executive branch “migrant children [are] grinding from exhaustion” to keep the supply chain afloat.

The report detailed children as young as 13, working 12-hour days, often overnight shifts, in order to survive. The kids are either struggling in or missing school entirely.

Yet Kaepernick’s activism organization doesn’t seem to mind. Know Your Rights Camp has no comment.

Fox News Digitals requested comment on whether the organization planned to cut ties with the ice cream brand or condemn the use of child labor in Ben & Jerry’s supply chain. No response.

Kaepernicks organization, the Know Your Rights Camp, purports to “advance the liberation and well-being of black and brown communities.” I guess that is, unless you are brown or black in a different country and making products in sweat shops to line Colin’s pockets. Then what does it matter?

Like all classic hypocrites, Kaepernick doesn’t really care about the causes he pretends to champion. If he did, he would disavow Nike and at least comment on the Ben and Jerry allegations. Yet, he remains silent. As for the fake ice cream:

Ben & Jerry’s uses sunflower butter to produce the non-dairy flavor, which is “100% certified vegan, just like Kaepernick himself. “

Maybe he isn’t commenting because his flavor sounds like hot garbage. Or maybe as a vegan he is weak from the lack of protein. That would explain his inability to land a job in a league where quarterbacks are at a premium. Either way he retains his title as one of America’s finest grifters, if not a mediocre quarterback.




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