Democrat Congresswoman Fires Off At Twitter Files Journalist; He Immediately Obliterates Her

Veteran journalist Matt Taibbi completely obliterated a House Democrat, firing off with a totally unfiltered response, which included a portion of his resume, after she made fun of his credentials at a rather tense Capitol Hill hearing on Thursday. This is the kind of thing we need to keep seeing more of from Republicans. It’s time to fight back against the insanity of the left and put them back in their place when they try to attack us. Remember, they chose the rules of engagement.

“The exchange with Rep. Stacey Plaskett, (D-VI), came in a hearing held by House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH), whose subcommittee on the weaponization of government is looking into the Federal Trade Commission’s treatment of Twitter. Plaskett was preparing to question Taibbi and fellow journalist Michael Schellenberger, two of the independent journalists to whom Twitter owner Elon Musk turned over damning internal communications from before he bought the platform,” the Daily Wire reported.

“This isn’t just about what data was given to these so-called journalists before us now,” Plaskett went on to say. “There are many legitimate questions about where Musk got the financing to buy Twitter.”

Taibbi then patiently waited for his opportunity to talk, which he then took full advantage of to defend the reputation he has spent nearly thirty years building.

“I’m not a ‘so-called journalist,’” Taibbi fired back. “I’ve won the National Magazine Award, the IF Stone award for independent journalism, and I’ve written 10 books, including four New York Times best-sellers.”

The intense hearing came on the heels of Jordan releasing an 18-page report which included a number of excerpts from letters that were from the FTC to Twitter. The Ohio Republican launched accusations against the FTC of “orchestrating an aggressive campaign to harass Twitter” that he called an act of “partisan pressure to target Twitter and silence Musk.”

The Daily Wire then said, “The FTC, which has been probing Twitter since before Musk bought the company, recently demanded that Twitter reveal the names of all journalists who have been given access to internal Twitter communications. The probe began after a whistleblower complained that Twitter had violated a 2011 settlement that imposed privacy safeguards.”

Plaskett seemed to be demanding to know the names of the individuals that Taibbi had been speaking with inside the company, however the journalist refused to reveal his sources. When she went on to tell Taibbi that his Substack and Twitter threads concerning the findings were nothing more than subjective selection of information, he fired back by saying the same thing could be said of basically any news story ever published.

Jordan also gave Plaskett a rebuke for attempting to force the journalist to reveal his sources, which she then denied doing.

“I just think this is interesting,” Jordan went on to say. “First the FTC is asking for your backgrounds, and now the ranking member on the Committee on the Weaponization of Government is asking for your sources.”

As stated earlier, it’s good to see conservatives and those who simply care about the truth pushing back against the verbal assaults launched by the radical left. They need to know that play time is over, the gloves are off, and we’re ready to rumble.

Metaphorically speaking, before anyone gets any wrong ideas.

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