At It Again: Disney About To Ruin Yet Another Classic By Gender Swapping Members Of The Lost Boys

Disney is just absolutely determined to shove wokeness down the throats of American viewers as they continue to participate in both race and gender swapping in live action versions of its classic animated films. The latest victim of the progressive march through the Mouse House is none other than Peter Pan. There is truly nothing sacred for the radical left. They are determined to subvert everything from our childhood and transform it into propaganda meant to indoctrinate our kids with their twisted worldview.

The film, Peter Pan and Wendy, features a “diverse” cast — which means swapping out the race of main character like Pan the Man himself — and making younger girls members of Peter’s Lost Boys gang. Which makes absolutely zero sense. Kind of like allowing girls to be members of the Boy Scouts. So how confident is Disney this film will be a massive success, especially since they have ticked off the major boxes on the woke checklist for inclusion?

Well, according to Breitbart, the movie is skipping theaters and going straight to Disney+. In other words, they knew this was probably going to be a piece of raging hot garbage, so they decided to just dump on their streaming service. Not a good sign.

“The trailer features a sequence in which Wendy arrives in Neverland and encounters the Lost Boys, who are now gender inclusive. ‘But you’re not all boys,’ a confused Wendy correctly points out. The angry, woke reply comes: ‘So?’”

Wow. Killer dialogue, right? I mean, dang, what a perfect answer. I bet that stupid little twit Wendy felt pretty silly for asking such a stupid question.

In reality, Wendy asked the perfect question, but got a moronic answer in return, but the screenwriter of this dumpster fire obviously felt the one-word reply was a real zinger. And this is what passes for talent in modern-day Hollywood.

The inclusion of girls among the Lost Boys marks a revisionist departure from J.M. Barrie’s original novel in which it was explained that there are no ‘lost girls’ because the group is made of naughty boys who fell out of their baby carriages and were taken away to Neverland,” the report goes on to say.

The report then reveals, “Peter Pan and Wendy features non-white actors playing the roles of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, though Captain Hook is still white and is played by Jude Law.”

Of course. Because we all know that Peter Pan was actually written as a tale about the oppression of people of color by older white males. I mean, come on. Captain Hook has a ship for crying out loud. That’s clearly an allusion to the slave trade.

Insert an eye roll here.

The credits say the movie is adapted from both the original J.M. Barrie novel as well as Disney’s 1953 animated film version,” Breitbart stated. “Disney is still reeling from a number of woke flops, including the animated environmental movie Strange World, which featured a gay teen protagonist, and Pixar’s Toy Story spin-off movie Lightyear, which featured a lesbian kiss.”

Conservatives and Christians have two options in response to this madness. One, we create our own alternatives to Disney and the content they are creating. Secondly, we play by the same rules as the radical progressives and slowly, but surely work our way into these major culture shaping companies and start making content with our values in a subtle manner until we basically take it over.

Both are necessary at this point.

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