‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ Singer Cindy Lauper Compares Laws Banning Transgender Surgery To Nazi Germany: ‘This Is How Hitler Started’

Well, it seems that former 1980s pop sensation Cyndi Lauper, most notable for the hit song, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, has lost what was left of her addled brain after comparing laws that ban children from having transgender surgery to laws in Nazi Germany, noting that such legislation was how Hitler got started. No, I’m not making this up. She actually said this. At this point, the memes just create themselves.

The singer went on to say that conservatives who are pushing bills that ban biological men from participating in women’s sports and stop kids from having gender “transitioning” surgery, along with those that force people to use the restroom of their biological sex, were similar to policies concocted by Nazis to “weed” people out.

The only “weed” that Lauper should worry about is the kind she’s smoking, because this statement can only seriously be made by someone who is high as a kite.

“Equality for everybody, or nobody’s really equal,” Lauper said during an interview with ITK. “This is how Hitler started, just weeding everybody out.”

According to Breitbart, Lauper then said that people in the LGBTQ community were considered “enemies of the state” in Nazi Germany and was scared the same thing was happening in the U.S.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea what they’re doing but, you know, you just have to keep fighting for civil rights,” Lauper remarked. “I guess that’s the way it is in this country. Started out like that, didn’t it?”

Many different polls have revealed that Americans are not at all in favor of children being allowed to “transition” before the age of 18.

A report from Fox News said:

The majority of Americans do not support transgender surgeries or anti-puberty blockers for minors, according to a poll from a conservative nonprofit organization.

The survey asked respondents whether they would support a ban on puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and physical sex-change surgeries for children under 18.

56% of respondents said they would support a ban, while 34% said they would not. A little over a third of those respondents identified as Democrats, while 37% identified as Republicans, and just under a quarter identified themselves as Independents, according to the survey by the American Principles Project Foundation.

Oh, and guess what else Lauper is a big fan of? If you said the murder of pre-born children, give yourself fifty gold stars, because you nailed it. The singer established a fund called, “Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Rights,” which she claims was inspired by her deceased mother. I hate to break it to Ms. Lauper, but contrary to what the left has brainwashed her to believe, murder of innocent human beings has never been a “fundamental right.”

“If you don’t have control over your own body, how can you be anything but a second-class citizen?” Lauper went on to say about the issue of abortion. “Now, the government has control over your body — not you. What should be a private medical decision between you and your doctor is now a government decision. So, this is a big issue for me.”

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