LOL: LeBron James Hilariously Claims His High School Son Is Better Than NBA Players

LeBron James has a habit of opening his mouth, or opening Twitter and hitting the “send” button before he really thinks about it. From controversial racist takes about being afraid to leave his house because of police, to claiming to dream about playing Michael Jordan one on one (Jordan would win every time), you just never know what silliness LeBron is going to come up with. Unless it on the subject of China, LeBron will let you know what he thinks, whether you ask or not.

Recently LeBron was on the Twitter machine once again insulting the rest of the NBA. He hilariously proclaimed that his high school aged son Bronny (real creative) is already better than NBA players. I’m all about loving your kids, but come on. Check this out.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James took to Twitter on Monday night to make a major declaration regarding his son, high school basketball star Bronny James.

In his tweet, LeBron asserted that Bronny is already better than some players currently in the NBA:

To be fair, James son is a highly ranked high school recruit and would likely be a first round draft pick. However, that wouldn’t be until 2024, as Bronny isn’t even old enough yet to be considered for the draft. There is also the subject of physical maturity. LeBron and Kobe made the leap because they were full-grown men when they came out of high school. Bronny doesn’t have the physical stature that his father does.  The NBA can be a very physical league, especially when the players are actually trying down the playoff stretch. How Bronny would hold up under the rigors of an 82 game season is anyone’s guess. Except LeBron.

Bronny plays his high school basketball at Sierra Canyon in Chatsworth, California, and he is finishing up his senior year.

Ahead of the playoffs, Bronny was averaging 13.8 points, 5.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists and 1.8 steals per game on the year, according to Luca Evans of the Los Angeles Times.

Bronny still has another year to go before he is draft eligible in 2024, but there is already support for him to be a first-round pick when he makes the transition to the NBA.

I understand that stats don’t tell the entire story, but those aren’t exactly world beating statistics. You would expect someone that is projecting to the first round of the Association to have a beefier scoring average, though it does look as if Bronny is more well-rounded. Playing against top-notch competition is also important, but what happens when Bronny drives his rookie year, and it’s one of the rare occasions his old man decides to play defense?

Naturally the experts and pundits want to see Bronny make the jump, and are rating him accordingly.

ESPN’s Jonathan Givony (h/t Eric Mullin of NBC Sports Bay Area), recently mocked Bronny to the Orlando Magic at No. 10 overall in an early 2024 NBA mock draft.

Givony noted that Bronny is “arguably the best perimeter defender in his high school class” and has improved his perimeter shooting and playmaking ability. Givony added that Bronny has reached the next level over the past year, while “most of his peers have flatlined.”

It should be noted that experts are as wrong as often as they are right, and the tenth pick isn’t a lottery pick. Bronny obviously doesn’t need the money as many of these youngsters that jump early do, so why not season his skills with a year at the college level? Because daddy wants to play with son, and father time is working against LeBron.

LeBron has often talked about the importance of playing alongside his son in the NBA, noting that he would like to play on the same team, although he would settle for playing against him if need be.

Although LeBron is on the shelf with a foot injury, he has remained dominant when healthy even at the age of 38.

James is averaging 29.5 points, 8.4 rebounds and 6.9 assists per game this season, suggesting he will still be able to play at a high level when Bronny makes the move into the NBA.

Bronny seems destined for the league, but the big question is whether he will play with or against his legendary father.

There have been father/son teammates in sports. Ken Griffey Sr and Ken Griffey Jr come to mind, but they were both imminently more likeable than the James father son duo. Still, if it happens it will at least give the casual fan a reason to tune in, so we will likely be seeing the James father/son show in the NBA in 2024. I can hardly wait.

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