Medical Correspondent With LA NBC Affiliate Ducks Jail Time Despite Soliciting Nude Pics From Child

Bruce Hensel, a former medical correspondent for an NBC news affiliate in Los Angeles, received a measly two years of probation on Monday despite having solicited nude pictures of an underage child with the intent to commit a crime. This is the kind of thing that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that our justice system, especially in liberal cesspools like L.A., is completely shattered. Is it any wonder people have lost faith in our country and its government? This is just shameful.

According to the folks at TheBlaze, “Hensel pleaded no contest to the charges, reported the Los Angeles Times. Although the Emmy Award-winning veteran of 30 years avoided jail time, he is at least now a registered sex offender. Hensel was arrested in November 2019 after investigators from the Los Angeles Police Department’s northeast division looked into probable child sexual exploitation involving the 9-year-old daughter of one of his female acquaintances.”

“The Times reported that a transcript of the text exchange between Hensel and the child was included in a filing submitted to the California Medical Board last year, revealing the doctor had repeatedly demanded ‘sexy and private’ images,” the report continued. “Hensel, who served as co-director of emergency rooms at Century City Hospital and Sam Dimas Community Hospital, claimed his repeated attempts from March through August 2019 to satisfy an apparent pedophilic lust were an ‘isolated thing.'”

The father of the victim in the incident pointed out that Hensel betrayed his calling as a medical professional, someone who is supposed to be focused on the healing of others, stating, “Dr. Bruce, you crossed the line and violated the vow of your profession, which is to cause no harm.”

Hensel, who also happens to be listed as an executive producer on two Showtime films focused on transsexuals, apparently endeared himself to the child’s mother by chatting about the possibility of gathering up financing for a movie where the woman’s daughter would be the star.

“I have always been good special friends and you feel safe with me so I will protect you and get you something,” wrote the former medical correspondent in 2019. “They could maybe make you a star if you are willing to take some risks.”

“After prompting the child to send photos of herself competing in martial arts contests and in other contexts, Hensel reportedly determined they were ‘not enough,'” the report said.

Hensel then requested the girl take some photographs “in underwear or less” in order to land the starring role.

“The Times noted that the child complied after first being reminded by the pedophile to keep their exchange ‘private.’ However, her stepfather got wise, and Hensel’s pleas to ‘delete all messages’ bookended an archive of guilt,” TheBlaze added.

NBCUniversal Media, which is the company that owns the L.A. station that formerly employed Hensel, has dealt with several stories concerning former employees who worked for the network and turned out to be sexual predators or perverts of some kind, though not likely with one that was this young.

“Other notable NBC-related personalities fired over allegations or confirmations of perversities in recent years include script reader Matt Lauer and veteran journalist Mark Halperin,” the article revealed. “NBC News announced Lauer’s termination on Nov. 29, 2017, following accusations that he had anally raped his then-NBC colleague Brooke Nevils while at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.”

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