Michigan Cop Who Dropped Bad Guy In Police Station Learns He Won’t Be Charged; Video Footage Reveals Why

A 33-year-old entered a Detroit police station, armed with a handgun, back in the later part of December and tried to open fire on officers inside. However, his plan for mass destruction and carnage came crashing to a halt thanks to the quick actions of a nearby officer who dropped the suspect like a bad habit.

Now, to you and me, this clearly seems like a cut and dry case of self-defense. But we live in a day and age where folks, especially liberals in government positions, tend to favor criminals over their victims. It’s a sick and twisted view of the world, one which emboldens those in our midst who seek to do others harm with impunity.

It’s this line of thinking that no doubt led the family of Ali Naji to say the gunman in the incident was himself a victim of unlawful deadly force. Yes, you read that correctly. This guy’s family members believe that a person walking into a police station, armed and trying to kill people, is the actual victim after being prevented from carrying out an act of pure evil.


However, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy made an announcement on Thursday, according to TheBlaze, saying the officer who put down Naji will not be facing any criminal charges. What a travesty this would have been if the officer received charges in this case.

And, thanks to video footage released by the Dearborn Police Department, it’s clear why the prosecutor isn’t bringing up the officer on charges.

The report says, “TheBlaze previously reported that around 3:30 p.m. on Dec. 18, a masked gunman entered the lobby of the Dearborn Police Department, just a few miles west of Detroit. The lobby had seen a great deal of civilian traffic that day as people were bringing in presents for Toys for Tots.”

A police officer then asked the gunman, “How are you doing?”

“Ali Naji, 33, evidently had no time for pleasantries. He took a look around, pulled a concealed handgun from his waist, and attempted to fire on the uniformed officer behind the front desk,” the report continues. “One officer can be heard in the newly released footage of the incident yelling, ‘Gun, gun, gun, gun!'”

TheBlaze also reveals that the gun Naji was armed with was stolen just before the incident from a barbershop where he was previously employed.

“Although Naji appears in the security footage to have pulled the trigger, there was no muzzle flash. The gun had jammed. The gun belonging to the quick-thinking officer at the front desk had no such problem,” TheBlaze reports.

As Naji continued to mess with the gun, popping out the magazine and reloading it, the targeted officer pulled his own firearm.

Issa Shahin, Dearborn Police Chief, went on to say the suspect attempted to “rack the gun slide to resolve the malfunction.”

“At this point the officer recognizes that the suspect poses a lethal threat to not only himself but to others who may be in or around the lobby. Acting on his duty to confront the lethal threat, the officer slides open the glass and fires several rounds at the suspect,” Shahin explained.

The officer then unloaded 17 shots into Naji in 4.5 seconds. That’s crazy fast. After the gunman’s weapon was recovered, it was discovered it had a round in the chamber and the safety was off.

On March 3, the deceased suspect’s family filed a lawsuit against the City of Dearborn and the officer who shot and killed Naji, successfully preventing him from going on a killing spree inside of a police state. The suit made the utterly ridiculous claim that Naji was “the victim of unlawful deadly force” and demanded compensation in the amount of $10 million for damages.

The suit goes on to say the officer “failed to take any steps to de-escalate and deemed it appropriate to fatally shoot ALI NAJI without any attempt to ascertain the purpose of his presence in the Dearborn Police Station.”

“Reasonable officers in the position of [the officer] at the time of this incident … would have known, in light of existing law, that the unlawfulness of this action was apparent under the circumstances, would be a violation of clearly established law, and of NAJI’s constitutional rights against unlawful deadly force,” the lawsuit reads.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy announced there would be no charges in the shooting of the suspect.

Worthy’s office said, “On the day of the shooting, police and civilians had been in and around the outside of the police station. The officer in the lobby although behind bullet resistant glass was the only person immediately available to confront Mr. Naji. He objectively posed an imminent threat to the officer and any other person who may have entered the public lobby during the incident.”

“It is clear from the facts and evidence in the case that the officer acted in lawful self- defense and defense of others. No charges will issue in this matter and the warrant request is denied,” the prosecutor’s office continued.

Just for a little context and background, Naji had once set a strip mall on fire and assaulted staffers at Wayne County Jail.

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