More Woke Teardrops As Morgan Wallen Drops New 36 Song Banger ‘One Thing at a Time’

Morgan Wallen is an unstoppable force in country music. It should be recalled that just a couple of years ago, Wallen was caught on a Ring doorbell using a racial slur, albeit directed toward his white friend. Didn’t matter. The owner of the doorbell camera saw an opportunity to make a buck and the video went viral. The resulting river of liberal tears almost drowned Wallen’s promising young career.

Since country music and country music fans are one big family, fans rallied around the disgraced star and shot sales of his music to the top of the charts. Despite being dropped off iHeartMedia and Entercon playlist from hundreds of stations nationwide, being dropped from Spotify and Apple Music streaming platforms and having his contract with Big Loud Records suspended Wallen’s sales shot through the roof. Of course, since most of the pearl-clutching cancel culture crowd is nothing more than virtue signaling hypocrites and money talks, money said “ok, just don’t do it again Morgan”, and since Morgan Wallen has been the biggest star in country music. Now, Wallen has released a third album, boasting a hefty 36 songs. That many songs on an album is a rarity, and often is chock full of filler, but Wallen has laid down 36 bangers, and country music may never be the same. Check this out.

Morgan Wallen’s fastball is as fast as ever, and he proved it with his new album “One Thing at a Time.”

Wallen has become the face of country music in America, and for good reason. The man is a star.

Despite efforts to cancel him, Wallen is more popular than ever. He can’t do anything without generating a ton of attention. When he announced Thursday he was having a free concert in Nashville, a mob ascended on Bridgestone Arena to get tickets.

Yeah, the efforts to cancel him failed in spectacular fashion, and now his newest album is out.

Wallen’s fans literally shut down Lower Broadway in Nashville as they tried to get tickets to the free show. His tour dates are routinely sold out, even if numerous shows are booked for the same city and with the new album having 36 songs, Morgan Wallen could be occupying the top of the charts for years.

Wallen’s first two studio albums – “If I Know Me” and “Dangerous: The Double Album” – both went platinum many times over.

With just two albums, he ascended to the top of the music mountain. With “One Thing at a Time” he will only further cement his position.

It’s not just country fans rallying around him after the woke mob attempted to cancel him, either. Wallen’s music hearkens back to a chill, laid back vibe that the music industry seems to have abandoned in favor of crassness and gimmicks.  Images of friends, beer, and summer resound throughout the record. In short, his songs make you feel good, even if you aren’t a country fan. In an age where so many “artists” use shock value (Sam Smith), and vulgarity (Cardi B), Wallen simply crafts feel good songs that make you want to crack a Keystone Light, build a fire, and grab a lawn chair. While that may not be for everyone, apparently it is for most people, and the massive sales prove it. Perfect timing with Spring around the corner. Grab some friends, a few cold ones, and build a fire and get lost in music that makes you feel good for a change.


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