O’Keefe Strikes Back At Company He Was Booted From By Launching New Venture

They thought they could take him out. They thought they could crush his career, his soul, and leave him for dead in a ditch alongside of the road. Proverbially speaking, of course. Not literally. But they were wrong. Dead wrong.

Now picture that being said by the movie trailer guy and it will be far more epic than it looks on your screen.

So who is the “him” and “he” being discussed here? None other than James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, a company he recently got booted by, who is wasting no time at all by bouncing back with a brand new project he announced on the Charlie Kirk Show. Man, it’s good to see this guy back in action.

O’Keefe officially launched the website for new project on Wednesday, urging viewers to go check it out and sign up during his interview with Kirk.

” O’Keefe said that he’s received thousands of emails asking how they can join the cause and how they can help. O’Keefe said that viewers can subscribe to the website, and they can sponsor and pay for a camera that they can use to do their own undercover reporting,” the Post Millennial reported.

“It’s not going to be a tiny group. It’s going to be thousands that we train and equip on this website. We have stories that we’re about to break, but the story today is the existence of this website,” O’Keefe stated during the program.

The popular conservative journalist went on to say he is going to teach courses and do seminars on journalism across the nation.

“I knew they were going to come after me in every possible way,” O’Keefe explained. “… I knew they would try to ruin the reputations of the people who did this. It’s not surprising to me, but in response, they’ve awakened a sleeping giant, and millions of people with all the goodwill out there that want to do something, this is the answer.”

“We are going to create an army of citizen journalists the likes that the world has never seen before,” O’Keefe told Kirk.

“We have stories that are about to break, but the story today is the existence of this website,” O’Keefe went on to say, going on to add that his being kicked from Project Veritas has “awakened a sleeping giant.”

This is simply awesome. We cannot trust the mainstream media to report the truth, regardless of the topic or the issue. They have all been bought and paid for by progressives with deep pockets, both inside and outside of our government. People like George Soros have power and influence over who works at these networks and outlets, and which narratives get created and pushed to the masses.

Given that’s the case, it’s up to alternative media, compromised of individuals who truly believe in freedom and love their country, to stand up boldly, dig for the truth, and push it out to audiences who are willing to listen and help spread the facts.

This is part of how we take back the power from corrupt forces in our culture. Let’s get to work!

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