“Perfect” Magazine Forgets Definition, Features Sam Smith on Cover Igniting Firestorm of Criticism

Self-proclaimed “non-binary” pop singer Sam Smith has been all about the “look at me” in recent months. As if he is sensing his fan base is moving on or getting bored with his generic brand of pop music, Smith has resorted instead to shock value, which as it turns out in 2023 has already been done, and done better. It’s as if today’s current artists have never heard of the 1970s and 1980s. There is nothing original taking place, rather just stale imitations without actual talent to back it up.

Recently, a publication ironically entitled “Perfect” featured the fluffy song bird on its cover, sparking a firestorm of mockery and hilarity. Check this out.

Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Sam Smith ignited a firestorm after posing on the cover of Perfect Magazine, stirring conversation surrounding body image and body positivity. 

The non-binary British artist debuted on the magazine’s cover in recent weeks, prompting many to address what their version of “perfect” looks like. 

Pop Culture released a collage of the photos on Twitter, depicting Smith wearing a corset with strings, and another photo appearing him to mimic the “Rosie the Riveter” poster from World War II. 

In reality, if Rosie the Riveter were here today, she would kick Sam Smith where he wishes his lady parts were and make him cry. Unfortunately, his antics are considered courageous and cutting edge. What better way to mask a lack of actual talent than to just shock people? Except he isn’t really shocking, rather he just looks desperate and unhealthy. Predictable and accurately, social media lost its mind.

One user wrote, “Amazing is the wrong word. Try grotesque.”

Another said, “I won’t say amazing, definitely interesting, creative and original, but not amazing love.”

“In what universe is wearing clothes that don’t fit an amazing look? Like, no,” one user said.

Some users also created their own satirical images mocking the singer for his pictures.

“He looks like desperate,” one user said.

Count on Twitter to tell you exactly what it is thinking. In this instance, most Twitter users are spot on. What is perfect about any of this unless this is meant to be a joke? Have we lost our way as a society to the point where fat is healthy, and grotesque is beautiful? It’s small wonder pop music and awards shows are dying. Speaking of awards shows, Smith also recently made a desperate plea for attention during his appearance on the Grammys.  Tens of fans saw him do a song called “Unholy”, where Smith portrayed a fat Satan.

The singer has also faced criticism in recent weeks surrounding his “Satanic” Grammy Awards performance, which featured him dressed as the devil with red lights and devil horns.

The show prompted outrage from conservatives, who argued the performance was indicative of the far-left direction Hollywood has been headed in for years.

The “Unholy” singer also posted a photo from the shoot to his Instagram. He was tied up with red ribbons, wearing high heels, latex gloves, and laying on his stomach on the ground.

The caption read, “HONEY ROASTED SAM.”

He looks more like a certain fat little bear that gets stuck in a tree trying to get a smackeral of honey. In that regard, I suppose he is honey roasted Sam. Except that is a dish that is high in fat and most definitely not good for you.

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