Russell Brand Humiliates MSNBC Analyst for Ignoring Own Network’s Bias

Another day, another leftist apparatchik revealed for who they really are. This time, it was someone named John Heilemann. Heilemann apparently works for the far-left MSNBC. In an interview on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Russell Brand had some choice words for Heilemann and his leftist employer. It wasn’t even a fair fight. Check this out.

Comedian, actor and podcast host Russell Brand blasted MSNBC analyst John Heilemann for being “disingenuous” Friday night, saying MSNBC has exhibited similar bias as other outlets in its news coverage.

“I have to say, it’s disingenuous to claim that the biases exhibited on Fox News are any different than the biases exhibited on MSNBC,” Brand told Heilemann during a panel discussion on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” going on to say that the networks were “mouthpieces” for investment firms like BlackRock and Vanguard.

“I’ve been on MSNBC, mate, it was propaganda. It’s nutcrackery,” Brand said.

Perhaps this poor fellow wasn’t aware of Russell Brand and his particular brand of humor. Considering leftists tend to completely shun any media that doesn’t tow their company line, it is no surprise that Brand caught Heilemann flat-footed and tongue-tied when he pressed him about MSNBC and their habit of misrepresenting the truth.

Heilemann is an avowed leftist that also suffers from a very advanced case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Not to mention, he has liberally circulated “fake news” about President Trump. Of course, there were zero repercussions for the misinformation, but hypocrisy is in the leftist credo.

Heilemann has a history of statements targeting Trump supporters. Heilemann said in a July 2018 appearance on MSNBC that people who questioned claims that Former President Donald Trump was “in the bag” for Russian President Vladimir Putin were “impaired” or “a moron.”

MSNBC hosts and guests routinely hyped the claims that Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with the Russian government to defeat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Hosts often brought up a dossier assembled by Christopher Steele, which has since been discredited.

MSNBC also hired Andrew Weissmann, who criticized Mueller’s investigation, saying investigators “could have done more” to keep supporters of President Trump from “spinning” the report’s conclusions. MSNBC also hired disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was fired on Aug. 13, 2018 over texts to FBI attorney Lisa Page, his mistress, in which Strzok disparaged then-presidential candidate Trump while investigating alleged collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

It’s easy to see that MSNBC and the truth have been divorced for several years now. It’s unclear who got the kids, but it is very clear as to who got schooled and humiliated on national television. John Heilemann certainly had no business even trying to match wits with Russell Brand, and it wasn’t even close. Heilemann has nothing to fall back on. The Trump Russia collusion was a disproven hoax, the Steele dossier was filled with lies, and MSNBC is little more than a latter-day version of the National Enquirer, with apologies to the Enquirer, which is probably more reputable than MSNBC at this point. Thankfully Bill Maher and Russell Brand are able to see through the fog and perhaps even have some lefty viewers left. Who knows, maybe MSNBC will even attempt to be a credible news organization. It’s 2023, anything is possible!



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