Thanks, Biden: New Analysis Reveals Shocking Spike Of Car Thefts In America; Highest Level In A Decade

You know, when you look at what Biden’s managed to accomplish in just a few short years in office, it’s sort of awe-inspiring. It takes a special kind of leadership to completely obliterate the economy, raise inflation to all-time highs, spike the price of gas and fuel like a football in the game winning touchdown of the Super Bowl, cause the cost of groceries to go so high you practically have to sell a kidney to feed your family, and cause the greatest immigration crisis in recent history.

Oh, but there’s one more accomplishment we can add to the president’s list, thanks to a brand new analysis that was released on Wednesday. According to the Daily Wire, this new report says that the annual number of auto thefts in the U.S. surpassed one million for the first time since 2008. Let’s all give Biden and the court jesters in his administration a round of applause.

The metric constitutes a 7% increase between 2021 and 2022, according to an analysis of National Crime Information Center data by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. The entity noted that monthly theft totals exceeded 75,000 last year,” the Daily Wire said.

“We are seeing vehicle theft numbers that we haven’t seen in nearly 15 years, and there is very little deterrent to stop criminals from committing these acts as they are just property crimes, like shoplifting,” National Insurance Crime Bureau President and CEO David Glawe went on to say in a statement. “We must reinvest in local law enforcement, provide the necessary resources for prosecution and community policing programs, and implement early intervention programs given the high incidence of juvenile offenders involved in vehicle thefts.”

So which states in the Union have the highest number of car thefts? Try California and, surprisingly, Texas, which saw 201,000 and 105,000 auto thefts respectively over the course of 2022. The states that have the fastest-growing number of thefts include Illinois, which experienced a 35 percent increase, and Washington with a 31 percent increase.

Thefts have particularly risen for certain Kia and Hyundai vehicles, which lack electronic immobilizers that prevent criminals from bypassing the ignition in cars manufactured by other companies. Viral social media videos have instructed young thieves on how to steal the vehicles, according to a report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety,” the report said.

It’s no wonder Washington and Illinois are now experiencing increases in the incidents of car theft as senior officials in both states have worked hard to defund and ultimately decrease the activities of law enforcement officers and departments following the death of George Floyd during the spring of 2020. I mean, when you vilify the cops and remove them from the streets, it has a tendency to embolden criminals. This is common sense, but I guess common sense isn’t so common these days.

Here’s more from the Daily Wire:

Police officers in Washington are now required to use the “least amount of physical force necessary” during interactions with suspects under a statute signed by Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA), while another new policy restricts when officers are permitted to engage in car chases. “We have a moral mandate to uproot systemic racism in our society. 2020 has yet again laid bare the cost of inaction,” said Inslee, who added that Washington should become “an anti-racist state.”

Illinois meanwhile eliminated cash bail two years ago under a law signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-IL), who called the statute a “step toward dismantling the systemic racism that plagues our communities, our state and our nation and brings us closer to true safety, true fairness and true justice.”

Pritzker more recently asserted that “crime is coming down gradually” and defended the state’s reforms. “Violent criminals shouldn’t be let out on bail,” he said. “But when you’ve got somebody who committed a nonviolent offense and frankly would be kept in jail for months because they just don’t have a few hundred dollars, that’s not a justice system. That’s injustice.”

At the end of the day, soft-on-crime policies are causing criminals to engage in more illegal activities than ever before. You cannot continue to view the bad guys as those who are marginalized by society and as unfortunate souls who just can’t catch a break, shaping your policies around such wrong-headed beliefs.

Without dropping the hammer on criminals, there is no deterrent to dissuade the criminal class from wanting to victimize others in order to benefit themselves.

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