Trump Train! Two Mile Long Lines in Freezing Temperatures Highlight Electric Visit to Iowa

This weekend former President Donald Trump made a visit to Iowa, where he was greeted by a massive crowd of supporters. Despite the freezing temperatures, the crowd was two miles long, and the energy was palpable. Trump’s visit wasn’t heavily publicized, yet he more than overflowed the venue, with hundreds more waiting outside for a glimpse. Check this out.

Forty-fifth President and leading 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump, a legendary man known for shattering attendance records, traveled to Davenport, Iowa on Monday to give an address on education to a massive crowd of supporters that not only overflowed the arena, but wrapped around the block outside in freezing temperatures.

Trump’s speech was held at the Adler Theatre which offers seating for 2,400 people. Despite the event not being advertised heavily, Trump massively overflowed the theater with a crowd much larger than 2,400 people and a crowd of over 500 people waiting outside.

Videos show a massive two-mile-long line of loving supporters there to see President Trump wrapping around the block of the Adler Theatre.

The massive turnout in Iowa is not surprising, as Trump has always had a strong following in the state. Trump won Iowa in both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, and his supporters have remained loyal to him even after he left the White House. The crowd in Iowa was a mix of old and young, and they were all eager to hear what the former president had to say, as were the hundreds of thousands watching on the internet.

On Rumble, while Trump was speaking, over one-million people watched his speech via his personal channel, over 500,000 people watched via the Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) channel, and over 100,000 people watched Trump’s speech via Real America’s Voice (RAV) channel. An additional 30,000 people watched Trump’s speech through the pro-Trump social media platform Gettr. Trump’s online viewership is continuing to skyrocket.

To a roaring crowd during Trump’s speech, he vowed “within hours of my inauguration, I will cancel every Biden policy that’s brutalizing our farmers. Every single one of them.”

The massive turnout in Iowa is a testament to Trump’s popularity and his ability to energize his base. Despite the controversy and criticism that he has faced, Trump remains a popular figure among his supporters, who view him as a champion of their values and beliefs. The two-mile-long line and the massive crowd that overflowed the venue in Iowa are proof that Trump’s message still resonates with many Americans.

Trump’s visit to Iowa was a huge success, and the massive turnout is a clear indication of his continued popularity. His ability to energize his base and his commitment to making America great again, again has earned him a loyal following, and his supporters remain enthusiastic and passionate about his message. The cold temperatures did not dampen their spirits, and they left the event feeling inspired and energized.

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