Worst Day Ever! Ky Middle School Principal Arrested First Day on the Job

A Kentucky middle school principal was given an unexpected welcome recently when he showed up for his first day on the job and was promptly arrested. Not exactly the way to start a career as an administrator, even in Kentucky.

Leroy Littles Sr. showed up for his first day at Olmstead Academy North in Louisville and was greeted by welcome signs and handcuffs. Check this out.

A Kentucky middle school principal was arrested Monday, his first on the job, according to local reports. 

Leroy Littles Sr., 44, started work Monday as the principal at Olmsted Academy North in Louisville.

A “Welcome, Principal Littles” sign was placed in front of the school, WDRB-TV reported.

Littles was taken into custody over a Dec. 25, 2022, domestic violence incident.

He was served an arrest warrant at the school for fourth-degree assault and third-degree terroristic threatening.

Considering how long it takes to vet and hire an administrator at that level, the school would have not had any information on the alleged domestic violence charges. The charges were from Christmas, but for some reason weren’t served until Littles first day on the job. It is also unclear whether Littles even knew there was a warrant for him.

A police report obtained by the news outlet said Littles had arrived at his girlfriend’s home when she was seen leaving with an ex-boyfriend.

As Littles began arguing with her, he allegedly assaulted the former boyfriend, who had injuries to his face and head.

When Hillview police officers arrived at the scene, Littles was gone.

The victim reportedly has video of the alleged assault and gave it to the Bullitt County Attorney’s Office days after.

Apparently Littles was making a surprise Christmas Day visit to someone he thought was his girlfriend, except he got the unwanted gift of finding out his “lady” was cheating with her ex-boyfriend. Not advocating violence, but in a situation like this, the victim is lucky he got off that easy.

The Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) district issued a letter to parents about the arrest.

“You may have seen or heard local media stories about allegations against Olmsted North Principal Leroy Littles, Sr. The charges are unrelated to JCPS,” it read.

An assistant principal was placed in charge of the school, the district said.

Littles has worked for the district for 16 years, most recently as a principal intern at Waggener High School earlier this school year.

Naturally Jefferson County immediately covered their own behinds in making sure everyone knew it was unrelated to the schools. Depending on the charges, this should go away with a short suspension, unless the optics are too bad and JCPS lets Littles go.

Whatever the outcome, a valuable lesson or two can be taken from the situation. Don’t cheat with a woman that has a boyfriend, or you might get a smack down, and don’t give a cheating woman the satisfaction of seeing you go to jail over her bad behavior. There are no winners in this situation. Hopefully, lessons were learned all around.



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