Riley Gaines Blasts America-Hating Megan Rapinoe for Betraying Women in Sports

Riley Gaines, the former University of Kentucky swimmer and outspoken advocate for women’s sports has been taking so much heat from the insane left that the pool might start to boil. With leftist tears!

However, the unhinged extremists on the left took it to a new level over the weekend by physically assaulting Gaines at a speech in San Francisco, of course, and adding possible kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment charges.

Gaines was attacked and physically assaulted at San Francisco State University last week after a speech where she maintained the simple fact that men and women are physically different.  That shouldn’t be a hard concept to grasp, but for the left, it might as well be quantum physics.

Monday night, Gaines took to Twitter to roast leftist, America-hating Megan Rapinoe. The lefty soccer player has maintained that:

“trans kids” are not the issue in sports, but it’s actually “unequal pay, sexual abuse & lack of resources” that is the issue.

Of course, anyone with a functioning brain knows that isn’t the truth, but sadly so few are afraid to say it. Thankfully we have Riley Gaines.

Gaines, despite essentially being kidnapped by the legal definition in San Franciso is not backing down. She is a fierce competitor and vocal advocate for women. This is what she had to say to Rapinoe in the deleted Tweet:

“It’s worth noting that 1) you are done playing sports competitively and 2) because you aren’t sexually attracted to men, you will never have a daughter to defend. To me, this simply looks like virtue signaling because you have nothing to personally lose.”

She followed that up with another swipe at the soccer player:

“I can respect opinions that differ from my own and everyone is entitled to think/speak independently, but I can’t help but think Megan Rapinoe would genuinely shiv any male who attempted to take her spot on the US Women’s National Team”.

Megan Rapinoe loves to run her mouth about things that aren’t any of her business. You could almost say that IS her business. She is a provocateur first, an activist second, and an aging soccer player third.

It is also fair to assume Rapinoe would be outraged, and rightfully so if the US Women’s team removed some of their older players like her in favor of trans athletes. Then the cleat would be on the other foot. Albeit a much larger, more manly foot.

Gaines deleted the Tweets, likely because Rapinoe actually could have a child and the fallout isn’t worth it, but neither is Megan Rapinoe. However, Gaines isn’t going to back down in her fight to preserve women’s sports. As she was in the pool, Gaines is a force in and out of the water.

Outkick summed up the point by saying:

She’s also not wrong on her first point that Rapinoe isn’t impacted by men taking over women’s sports. Rapinoe currently plays in the NWSL for the OL Reign.

She’s 37 and nowhere near youth or college sports. Lia Thomas or other biological males destroying women’s sports has no impact on her. It only would if the NWSL started letting in biological males.

How quickly would her tune change if that happened? The women’s national team lost to a U-15 boys team in Dallas 5-2 back in 2017. Imagine what would happen if some full grown adult men decided to hop into the NWSL. Megan Rapinoe probably wouldn’t be claiming trans athletes have zero impact if it cost her the job she’s had for years.

Even though her best years are likely behind her, Rapinoe is still able to draw checks playing soccer. That’s not threatened (so far) by biological males. If Rapinoe was off the team or got crushed by a man, she almost certainly wouldn’t be so flippant in her stance.

The left is the side of hypocrisy, and Megan Rapinoe suggesting she knows something about which she has no personal experience is offensive. Let the shoe be on the other foot and see how long she lasts. It would benefit the sports world and women’s soccer in general if this spotlight-craving banshee would simply fade into obscurity, or The View, or somewhere that better suits her limited skill-set.

Until men start to outright troll the system by playing women’s sports, things won’t change. Women will continue to lose opportunities they worked their entire lives for in deference to men that couldn’t cut it being men.


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