Schools Out! Kanye Being Sued by Staff Over Bizarre School Rules in His Christian Academy

Kanye West has been under the microscope as of late, and mostly for good reason. Ye has made some scurrilous statements about Jews, and has made some unhinged remarks that have cost him endorsements and ultimately boat-loads of cash.

Now Kanye is being sued by some of the staff of his Christian Academy over some of the unusual rules and regulations the kids and staff are required to follow. To be fair, they have a point. Check this out.

Two former teachers have filed a lawsuit against Kanye West’s Donda Academy Christian school.

The lawsuit alleges West, who asks to be called Ye, only feeds kids sushi for lunch and doesn’t employ any janitors or nurses.

“You had young kids eating raw sushi and cucumber rolls every day. A lot of the kids didn’t like it and that’s all they had,” said Cecilia Hailey, one of the plaintiffs in the case.

She claims Ye “[doesn’t] want children using forks or utensils” either, thus they have to eat exclusively with their hands.

I am all for teaching kids some culture and exposing them to things they might not see in everyday life, like sushi. But come on. Pizza day and chicken patty day were two of the highlights of the lunch menu growing up. Sushi once is fine (just kidding, it’s bait), but sushi every is borderline child abuse!

Also, not having a janitor or nurse could be a very messy situation. Kids are dumb and careless, and ultimately a nurse, or a janitor will be needed. Who cleans up, Kanye? I think not.

“The teachers even claim Kanye didn’t allow chairs, forcing children to sit on foam cushions or stand, while teachers were relegated to standing or using a stool [while eating sushi],” reports TMZ.

Kanye currently spends around 10k a week on sushi for the school, and kids aren’t allowed to bring outside food.

Yet perhaps the most bizarre claim states Donda Academy cannot host class sessions on the second floor because Ye is “afraid of stairs.”

There is also a dress code, claims the plaintiffs.

Donda Academy requires all attendees to wear all black from head to toe.

What’s more, Nike and Adidas brands are forbidden, the latter of which ceased partnership with Ye last October after he claimed a Jewish cabal was using its influence to undermine him. 

Per the lawsuit, there are no lesson plans or proper disciplinary procedures in place, thereby students go unpunished for physical assaults against peers and teachers.

“The women say they were ultimately fired … and they’re blaming their termination on retaliation and racial discrimination. They also claim their paychecks were often short up to $2,700 per pay period … so they’re suing Kanye and Donda Academy for money,” reports TMZ.

Maybe I am not aware what teachers make, but being short $2,700 dollars a pay period is more than I thought teachers actually made. Either way, being shorted on a paycheck is a non-starter.

As for everything else, what can you do? Everyone involved knows Kanye is a little crazy, and perhaps a little racist, but they knew that going in. Plus, the all black clothing looks bad-ass, and I don’t blame Kanye for telling Nike and Adidas to pound sand.

As for the discipline issues; has anyone been inside a public school or watched the news? That is pretty much every school, so no sympathy there.

In the end, it is Ye’s school, Ye’s rules. Weird as they are, we will see if the fired teachers get any compensation from Kanye West.

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