Alabama Woman Arrested for Making Club a Drive-Thru After Argument With Her Boyfriend

It is never a good idea to cross an ex. Besides calling non-stop, showing up at your house, stalking you in the bushes, or boiling the pet rabbit (wait, that was in a movie,) you never know what a scorned lover is capable of.

Recently, an Alabama woman added a new chapter to the “crazy ex handbook” as she decided to make the local watering hole a drive-thru when an argument with her ex outside went sideways. Check this out.

The Mobile Police Department said it responded to a domestic dispute around 12:10 am on Wednesday morning. An argument in the parking lot between a woman and her ex-boyfriend had escalated after the man had walked into a pool hall called The Billiard Club.

Police say 34-year-old, Hayley Hightower, followed her ex-boyfriend into the club with her car. She is said to have driven right through the front door hitting two people near the entrance.

All the poor ex wanted to do was “rack-em-and-crack-em,” but Hayley had other ideas. Granted, they weren’t good ideas either. Maybe he would have been better advised to take her to the Waffle House for some Bert’s Chili and a waffle to sober her up some.

The two unnamed victims at the entrance weren’t seriously hurt, though they certainly could have been. One was taken to the hospital, and the other was treated at the scene.

However, our heroine Hayley was taken to the hospital for the injuries she sustained; then she was promptly taken to jail.

Hightower is charged with two counts of second-degree assault, two counts of second-degree criminal mischief, first-degree criminal mischief, public intoxication, and reckless endangerment, according to jail records.

It is unknown what caused the argument that led to Hightower ramming her car through the front doors, but my guess is in the cold light of day, it probably wasn’t as serious as the actions she took.

Fox10 Tv in Mobile had this to say:

A woman was arrested Wednesday morning after allegedly driving her vehicle into the Billiard Club and injuring two people following a dispute with her ex-boyfriend, according to MPD.

Police said they responded to the location at 4130 Government Boulevard at approximately 12:10 a.m. in reference to a domestic dispute between a woman and her ex-boyfriend in the parking lot.

Following the verbal altercation in the parking lot, the ex-boyfriend entered the business and the female subject, Hayley Hightower, 34, drove her vehicle through the front door of the building and struck two victims near the entrance, according to authorities.

Before we pass judgment on Hightower, it will be interesting to find out what the argument was about. Maybe he took her favorite cue? Perhaps he had a new lady racking his balls in the pool hall. Or perhaps Hayley had just a few too many Bud Lights and lost her mind for a minute.

Whatever the case, Hightower is facing a slew of charges, and the pool hall is now a drive-thru. Not a good business model for billiards and not a good look for Hayley Hightower.

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