Anheuser-Busch CEO Walking Back Defense Of Bud Light Partnership With Mulvaney

The CEO of Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Bud Light, Michel Doukeris, decided that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to push the woke agenda by defending the beer brand’s choice to have a partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male who became famous by mocking women in his online video content on TikTok, and is thus walking back a recent comment he made defending the decision.

Yeah, going from one of the top selling beers in the world to practically having to beg people to drink your horse urine is probably a good sign that your current set of marketing strategies isn’t having the desired effect you were hoping for. But the real question remains, is it too little, too late?

Here’s more information from the Daily Caller:

Doukeris told investors on a Thursday earnings call about the “misinformation” spreading on social media about Mulvaney’s advertisements on behalf of Bud Light, Fox Business reported. “We need to clarify the facts that this was one camp, one influencer, one post and not a campaign,” he said.

Anheuser-Busch is “providing direct financial support” to frontline workers affected by the ongoing boycott of Bud Light because of the partnership with Mulvaney, Doukeris said, according to Fox Business. He confirmed reports about Anheuser-Busch’s marketing push to restore Bud Light’s image and regain lost sales. Doukeris said the lost sales represent 1% of total global volume but it’s still too early to assess the impact, Bloomberg reported.

“We believe we have the experience, the resources and the partners to manage this. And our four-year growth outlook is unchanged,” Doukeris went to say according to a report from Fox Business. “We want to reiterate our support for our wholesaler partners and everyone who brings our great beers to the market. I can tell you that we have the agility, resources and people to support the U.S. team and move forward.”

“We will continue to learn, meet the moment in time, all be stronger and we work tirelessly to do what we do best: Bring people together over a beer and creating a future of more cheers,” he continued.

Sales for the beer brand have been swirling around the bottom of the toilet bowl like the waste deposited after a night of binging Taco Bell and Bud Light following the advertisement featuring Mulvaney. Which is shocking, right? Who could have possibly known that the target demographic for this product — men — would prefer not to see a fake woman on its can? It’s almost like dudes prefer their ladies to not have male genitalia or something. Weird.

The videos featuring Mulvaney and the beer cans caused massive backlash from conservatives who claimed that Bud Light was insulting its customer base by pushing transgender ideology. And yes, they were doing exactly that. Not to mention insulting women by featuring a grifter who is making a fortune by mocking biological females. How sad is it that I have to say “biological females” when talking about women now?

Heinerscheid and another marketing executive were placed on leave in late April because of the Mulvaney partnership. Bud Light initially defended the partnership with Mulvaney as a way to “authentically connect with audiences” and called the customized cans “a gift to celebrate a personal milestone” in a statement to Fox News.

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